Day 1:
I'm going to try using Godot instead of doing everything myself with C++. I'm too stupid and/or lazy to figure out solutions to all the issues I'm running into. If this doesn't pan out after a week or two I'll go back.

I made a new project and started out making the textbox.
[Image: EP3Y5C9.png]
It already works much better than mine. I don't know what magic it's using, and I don't care. It even supports BBCode natively with effects. I had to do the typewriter effect myself but it wasn't too hard. All the effects and animations in the last version were by word but I got them working by character here. It's much nicer trust me.
Day 2:
I tried porting over my script parsing code. The parsing code works fine mostly but I can't do the cool dictionary thing to match with my script actions that rtsmarty helped me with. So far I only have the "say" command working but it is reading from my script files.
[Image: 71YImVW.png]
I struggled a lot with getting the say command to actually update the message box. Godot lets you emit signals from objects and then connect those signals to something else. So I thought I'd just make the say command signal the messagebox to update. Easy, right? Nope it took me most of my night to figure out that each instance of the say command has to be connected individually which is bad. I'm just passing the function pointer to update the messagebox now which is also kind of evil but that's basically what I was doing on the other engine.
Day 3:
Long day at work today so I don't have much gas in me tonight. I'm working on getting the characters working next. I got the classes basically setup but I can't just copy my code over directly because the origin of a sprite in Godot is the center, not the top left. Anyways here's Olivia's base body.
[Image: CsRnro3.png]
[Image: s2n7oi.png]
Man I gotta get back into game programming
[Image: supercorrect.png]
Sorry I need to put this on hold until Nov 1st.
Sorry for the 2.5 week delay. I started on it again today. Nothing to show but I'm adding more of the scripting stuff.
Sorry for the 2.5 month delay. I started on it again today. I went back to the old engine. I cleaned up the menu UI a little bit. Next step is the map.
I haven't posted the last 2 days but I was working on it. The scroll bars are kind of jank and you can't zoom but it's good enough for the demo. The buttons on the bottom shuffle between layers.
[Image: RAjqHnl.png]
Once you reach the investigation phase you can open the map at any time and click the name of a room to immediately jump there.
[Image: UVtF45r.png]

It is done. I will release it tomorrow after the case ends.

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