It's that time of year again. Simply PM me (Draku) a list including all of the categories you want to nominate a specific member (or whatever is applicable, such as a specific post) for alongside who you or what to nominate for that award. Whenever the nomination phase has ended (around a week or so or whenever someone pings me on Discord in 2 weeks when I've forgotten) we'll move onto the voting phase, where I post the list of nominated members for each category and then you all vote properly! Maximum one nomination per category, please. Also you can abstain from any given category or categories you like. You CANNOT nominate yourself or your dupes! Or your dupes (real).

shamelessly (mostly) copypasted again : ) (again :] (again :]]]]])

The full 2023 list of categories is as follows:
-Best All-Round Member
-Friendliest User
-Most Helpful
-Best Artist
-Best Entertainer
-Best Garrison
-Most Missed Member (Please Come Back)
-Least Missed Member (Please Don't)
-Most Involved
-[ ] join MW (Someone who is NOT a member but should be!)
-Most Based
-Best Gentleguy Quote (provide a message link)
-Goodest Sh*t
-Worstest Sh*t
-Strangest Sh*t
-Best Post on MFGG

Also, Anonymous is a member. Awards to Anon will be sent to a singular relevant postID.

Get to sending those PMs/Conversations!
no one is sending me any nominations, don't make me @everyone now
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