[Image: 013be2d33be3c7d66a34918d211a17d92894f8d2.pnj]

Night 3 - Part 4

More night 4 art - Ft. Anime night!!!
I'm sure I missed lots of people, but here is a handful - Astrid, @Columbo , @Tinkaton , @Izumi Konata, Death Note (in the style of Nyan~ Neko Sugar Girls), @Revy , and @DxHustler3000 !

I got one more draw for my ghost friends, and we are onto Night 4!
[Image: 47fe57d4b24fe0554bbc0947fec95b45bbccbc7c.pnj]

Night 3 - Part 5???

We got GHOST? Ft. @*Mute
[Image: a3236128bce6471e372786a16bf388536f6642e7.pnj]

Night 4 - Part 1

Ft. @Lily and @Bradimir Votvodk just hanging out in the boat house! Huh... I wonder what Bradimir is doing with that CLUSTER OF CRYSTALS.
Nashu Mhakaracca
The brainworms guide my hand

[Image: koyan.png]

[Image: nancy2.png]
[Image: 50886cd4f1da1e98535509a2fb1f169c55ae0d1d.pnj]

Night 4 - Part 2

Lyra has chosen to disable the Thalassic Seal.
[Image: 1b86a597d729be3e64d5a85a2d38e7a8ffcd34f4.pnj]

Night 4 - Part 3

In the light of the night we find @Jack of Spades and @Giffany hanging by the water~
[Image: 7733057bd5b5654cc3def8b18964d19957ad57fa.pnj]

Night 4 - Part 4

Are you ready to travel ..... V I C T O R Y + R O A D ?
Fight fight fight fight!

Ft. (Top left to bottom right)
Batman! ( @Phenera ), @Revy , @Ciel , @Nashu Mhakaracca , Nancy & 23 , @Morgan , and @Tinkaton
[Image: 7a532d6750621ef01eaf406e69f5c0634c5adc94.pnj]

Night 4 - Part 5

Poor one out for the Innocent @Maximillion Pegasus ... killed to soon.
The man just wanted to mine!

Also ft. Jonny House of leaves himself! ( @Momoyo Himemushi )
[Image: 6bd987a26f2fb33be2eebe5250110958e4a3b0ff.pnj]

[ Lore Image - Bigger version of the image found on a desk by @Morgan - image originally posted in the discord ]
[Image: 336e59f908ee1d15b0c36f11ceb5efe670698316.pnj]

Night 4 - Part 6

FEWF. OKAY onto night 5! I'll catch up one day, but before we can move forward...........

Astrid failed to Sync with the Telluric Seal! Instead @Columbo has been chosen instead!

Stand by for the consequences of your actions.
Not visual art, but I thought I'd drop the some of the music tracks I've written for DxHustler's posts, and do a bit of commentary and explain the process. The full playlist is here, including newer songs that I haven't written about here Ultra Cool


Doggie Dog World :

Lily Evans and the Hectillionaire's Secret:

Dogfight by the Telluric Seal:

Unmasked / Killer Revylled:

Hustlers will Graduate:
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[Image: 6af7375c2f9c015fd4a6485673fff57e9e2dca03.pnj]

Night 5 - Part 1


Astrid and Lyra seem aren't the only ones giving each other the cold shoulder. I hear tonight there will be a cold snap! Burr!
[Image: 60726915b1167d3c2179477f86ccd849825f9de8.pnj]

Night 5 - Part 2

Oh my! It seems @Ciel has opened the Telluric Seal !!!
[Image: 98f6e101a3cf4c38b5253398209fee7af6d981c4.pnj]
[Image: 45151772adce055f0ab93df955d8d1184c182806.pnj]

Night 5 - Part 3

Wine Night!

- The man with all the wine @Dr. Niles Crane
- A grumpy Dexter
- The musically talented @Nashu Mhakaracca,
- Dancing Nancy & 23
- And if you look close... a passed out @Morgan

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