Disclosure: I voted once in every category, but before any other votes were cast.

Whoops! I uh, meant to post this on New Year's Day to make it special but then kind of... didn't. And then people kept needing me to do things for days on end. Here we go! Monday's it I guess!

Best All-Round Member
@Fun With Despair secured this one, barely edging out ahead of Elyk! Considering KG AND the Wheel, I can certainly see how!

Friendliest User
@Kright and @Nightwheel are tied here! This category in general was very close on all sides. Plenty of friendly faces around here, evidently!

Most Helpful
Apparently, that @Draku guy won this! The most helpful member, who psots threads a week later than intended. Oops.

Best Artist
@Evil Yoshi Toes barely takes it, as Yrrzy and Kright tie for second right behind! Wow! This one's been a heated contest for the past few years, hasn't it?

Best Entertainer
@Fun With Despair had a landslide victory! As stated above, I think we all know how! Guy certainly knows how to post some Good Sh*t.

Best Garrison
The Wheel of Bullshit takes it easily! Related to the above, as one can guess. Badges will go out to both @Spritanium and @Fun With Despair for this one!

Most Missed Member
@Pea had his own far-away win here! I guess Rat was too busy snacking on that ham sandwich.

Least Missed Member

[Image: kSOvFZC.png]

Most Involved
@rtsmarty takes a clean win! Deserved once again, always responsive and on the ball whenever something technical needs fixing up. Thank you so much!

[ ] join MW
Well time to call up psychicpebbles because he definitely on this one! For the record, only one person specified which Joe was in the running, and unfortunately it seems like Joe Mama is not going to be called in this year.

Most Based
@Evil Yoshi Toes seals another award! Based on what, exactly?

Goodest Sh*t
[Image: mDsAlxf.png]

Look forward to your award, @King Piranha Plant!

Worstest Sh*t
If you're gonna get the bidet you gotta get off the TP. I power wash my anus and shake it dry and it's clean enough to eat off

Uh, congratulations @Spritanium...?
On second thought, why are we giving an award for this one?

Strangest Sh*t

@Hello what the fuck?

Best Post on MFGG
weep at his beauty
[Image: zPyA9PZ.png]

I was sent this
[Image: hL31cRx.png]
by one of the responders. I feel like it was worth posting.

Best Gentleguy Quote
Lethal Injection
[Image: FM6aFLu.jpg]

Honestly I thought Mana Transfer was gonna win this one but it may have cropped up too late.

And that's all the awards! Another great year for MW. Things seemed to quiet down for a bit but quickly picked back up closer to the end of the year. I especially enjoyed the Wheel of Bullshit.

Sorry for the delays on posting this, and thank everyone for voting! We had a pretty solid turnout this year. ........thanks to my begging in part, but nonetheless.
[Image: s2n7oi.png]
Congrats to all the winners!
Worstest Shit is an important award because it lets people compete even if they are bad at posting
[Image: supercorrect.png]
that's fucking right.
good shit guys
congratulations to everyone except @Pea
100% pure gamer 100%
Wow, I didn't actually expect to win any medals this year. I guess way more people than I expected think I'm a friendly enough person. Thanks to those who voted for me and the other people/categories.

Also congratulations to Kright for making it a dead even race for Friendliest User.
Thank you guys so much for the award! And congrats to all the other winners~
I'm glad to be apart of the Minus World crew Hooray
[Image: 8LnlKpS.png]
weep at his beauty
(Jan 8, 2024 at 12:00 PM)Draku Wrote: @Hello what the fuck?
[Image: scr_sickdab.png]
[Image: hf_logo_signature_white.svg]
King Piranha Plant
When I was on MFGG in like the 2008 ish era I never would've imaged Hello would live on as a significant part of Minus World so many years later in an age where all fangamers seem dead but I'm proud of them

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