[Image: eldritchlyra_sxqasj.gif]

[Image: worry_g2kyga.png][Image: spiral_grytvi.png]

L-Lyra? What did you d-




[Image: aberration1spritever_ky7tvy.png]

Kya ha Avoidance? Safety points? No My hypothesis indicates that neither of those are going to be of much use to you. Its just like when I first felt the Seals power, all those days ago I can see into the depths that lie beneath your fragile frames. You saw me as expendable, killed those who aligned themselves with me. I made my case, I begged and pleaded - threw my dignity away in hopes of mercy.

And still It meant nothing.

[Image: aberration2sprite_oj6hs1.png]

Oh, Phenera my last faithful assistant. The last of those dedicated to dredging the darkness beyond our understanding. Sciences strongest soldier. At last, I finally see. Your proposal stands above those of your peers. Kyahahaha All along, I thought Anomalies were subjects to be researched and discarded accordingly - but I understand now. To sit by and record findings to dissect and analyze and attempt to understand Its all a waste of time. What use is data without lived experience, after all? What I felt before, synchronized and seeking answers its nothing compared to this intoxicating power. Its fascinating, really

[Image: aberration1spritever_ky7tvy.png]

Astrid Your dad must be just as stupid as you are, to stop at only the little tease offered by his synchronization. But itll all be okay. Its like I said, well all sink together until you reach the very same conclusion.

[Image: upsetchesttouchtalk_nototo.png]

You… you’re… not thinking right. I’m sorry they voted for you but… it wasn’t malicious, and it wasn’t my fault. You were in the forest, you were a suspect. It… it wasn’t anything like that. People genuinely suspected you, I’m not…

[Image: declare_isyrdb.png]

I’m not doing this anymore! You keep doing the same thing, over and over and I keep listening to you and I'm done with it.

You walk around here like you own the place, talking bad about everyone and everything. Bragging about tearing apart Anomalies for your own gain, insulting everyone's intelligence, doing absolutely nothing to help anyone except you and your “lab assistants”…

[Image: Upset_lpyvvw.png]

Well, guess what? You’re the one who put yourself on this path. You want people’s sympathy? You want people to trust you? You should’ve earned it! Now look at you, you’re...

[Image: 23solo5_ncs8d0.png]

Cease your conversation, stay behind me and heed my warning thus. You are no longer speaking to the woman you once knew. In her place… naught but a magicked beast, a creature of fell origin, intentions warped by the magicks taken unto her being - corroding her very soul itself. ‘Tis a process I have seen at work many a time, upon many individuals.

Not unlike the whispers of the false prophet - yet more unpredictable in nature. Such a being makes for a dangerous hunt indeed, far more than that which you refer to as a mere “Anomaly”.

[Image: solonance1_nbquwp.png]

Well, I think we’ve found common ground again, 23~

Say, how about we momentarily put aside our… ideological differences and do our job for a little while, hm? Anomaly or Aberration, we’re the Control Department at the end of the day! There’s certainly a thing or two we could do about this one, mm?

[Image: 23solo2_go5jcg.png]

…Very well. For the good of those who yet remain… I shall add yet another target to my sights.

Assist me if you wish, if there is anything left of that which you once were. But do not think I will hesitate for a moment to behead the one who holds your chains should they cross my path.

[Image: hehe2_kcvfin.png]

Well, this is a… rather unexpected development. The Ritual does not necessitate the… creation of such a being. Nor does it typically facilitate the… subversion of the execution required upon the resolution of the voting process.

Ahahaha… I suppose it matters not. Dr. Orpheus is simply no longer my problem. Treat her as yet another “Anomaly”, treat her as that creature within the facility depths, or treat her as your ally. I care not for the resolution.

[Image: scary_psk12r.png]

This time, do make sure to kill someone relevant to the proceedings. I would certainly hate for this to… happen once more.

[Image: night9_ea4hew.png]

It is now Night 9.

You may submit Night Actions to @Spooks?. You have 48 Hours to submit. The longer you take to submit, the longer the waiting period for results will be. Live with your consequences, and pray your peers feel sympathy.

Your Night Condition for the night is...

[Image: SINKING_ta1snj.png]

An overflow of Thalassic esotera has distorted the facility, causing several rooms to Sink, making them unusable. Entering a room that is Sinking will result in immediate drowning and heavy pressure damage. The following rooms are Sunken:

  • Both Gates
  • Meeting Room
  • Chapel
  • Liturgical Study
  • Botany Lab
  • Archaeologist's Office
  • Break Room
  • Lab Zero
  • Killing Game Lab
  • Dispatch
  • Bathrooms
  • Crystal Cave

Sunken rooms will be marked on the map with the following icon:

[Image: yvppdnbqdiir0lblwkc6.png]

Please allow a while for the interactive map to update. In the meantime, refer to the list above and the thread map's placements.

You MUST attempt tonight, or you will immediately perish. This applies to all players, NPCs, and Wraiths - the latter of which will not be permitted Day Phase participation should they not attempt.

Players will be sent a random player name alongside their bond powers and curses. Attempting on this player will grant Unlimited Access for the night. If the kill is successful, that becomes permanent

[Image: Mapicon_lnnyum.png]

[Image: historic_aj7d8x.png]

room descriptions:

[Image: grounds_dgzqpc.png]

room descriptions:

[Image: B1F_taoj6g.png]

room descriptions:

[Image: B2F_wjghct.png]

room descriptions:

[Image: current_mnzvbw.png]

History Team

@Indiana Jones (Old)

Survey Team


Research Team

@Izumi Konata
@Nashu Mhakaracca


  • Astrid
  • Dexter Hexley
  • Dr. Lyra Orpheus
  • Nancy Partridge & BPI-2300
  • Spooks, The Magical Cat™

[Image: pendant-2_gppq1a.png]

I'm just gonna leave them to deal with that. How about that motive, huh? Yeah, you know... not gonna take that offer.

[Image: newdrink_lxldk9.png]

But I'll tell you what. A little birdie told me that you guys talk pretty loudly about your secrets while I'm in earshot, so let's say that my investigation turned up some dirt that might benefit anyone looking for a Seal Power. Somewhere they can't get without taking that motive, and somewhere I just happen to know the location of.

I wanna destroy that book, you want... I dunno, a magic power or something. Seems pretty win/win, right? So here: If you take the motive? Meet me in the Lost City Outpost. No judgement, not my business. I'll take you to where you have to go, and do what I have to do to get that seal broken - just as long as you're not on my patented Dexter Hexley: Paranormal Investigator Official "SUS LIST" . Because otherwise I'll shoot you.

[Image: pendant-3_tgykl1.png]

Kidding, kidding! Hey, trust me. You'll know my attempt when you see it. Stop it if you want. Just consider this a trust exercise, yeah?
Indiana Jones (Old)
Where am I supposed to pee if the bathrooms are quicksand?
(Jun 13, 2024 at 7:38 AM)Pea Wrote: ...Dex?
[Image: pendant-5_vmjghj.png]

Look, I'm not an idiot. I know these things are going down one way or another, and that there's not much we can do about it. It's like what Dodo said about the Liturgic Seal. Better to know who gets power than to sit and leave it for whoever the hell. Doubly so if you can control who gets it.

[Image: newdrink_lxldk9.png]

So that's what I'm gonna do. If the Occultic Seal breaks, I'm gonna make sure it's someone who's not gonna abuse it. There's already someone... dangerous running around pumped up on Liturgy, if you haven't forgotten - and now this shit with the science chick. If nobody trustworthy shows up, then that's that. I leave it alone. But the alternative is just watching and waiting until someone else does the same thing but with less oversight while a bunch of crazy monsters run around finishing us off.

[Image: pendant-6_cnvf1z.png]

I don't really see another option. Gotta do what you gotta do.
Thomas Zane
[Image: TM8ztUX.png]

Beyond the shadow you settle for, there is a miracle illuminated.

A quote, from one of my previous films where I played a lovestruck poet. I am Tom Zane, a celebrated filmmaker and actor. Please, no autographs.

You may be wondering where my collaborator Alan is - well, he's gone a little bit loopy. Very high strung, you know how neurotic writers can be. I find it's best to leave him to his own devices when he gets like that. So I'm making a guest appearance, while he's really getting to grips with his new book.

I just can't wait to dive into the production you all have going on here. It'll be a blockbuster for sure.
Indiana Jones (Old)
(Jun 13, 2024 at 6:12 PM)Spooks? Wrote:
(Jun 13, 2024 at 7:38 AM)Pea Wrote: ...Dex?
[Image: pendant-5_vmjghj.png]

Look, I'm not an idiot. I know these things are going down one way or another, and that there's not much we can do about it. It's like what Dodo said about the Liturgic Seal. Better to know who gets power than to sit and leave it for whoever the hell. Doubly so if you can control who gets it.

[Image: newdrink_lxldk9.png]

So that's what I'm gonna do. If the Occultic Seal breaks, I'm gonna make sure it's someone who's not gonna abuse it. There's already someone... dangerous running around pumped up on Liturgy, if you haven't forgotten - and now this shit with the science chick. If nobody trustworthy shows up, then that's that. I leave it alone. But the alternative is just watching and waiting until someone else does the same thing but with less oversight while a bunch of crazy monsters run around finishing us off.

[Image: pendant-6_cnvf1z.png]

I don't really see another option. Gotta do what you gotta do.
Meet me at the Lost City Outpost. We'll go to the seal room from there.
[Image: 2i05GkX.png]

They never should have treated you like that. I'm sorry for what they did. I should have known better than to let those blasphemers near you. And now, well... look at you, all bleeding and bruised and covered in bullet wounds.

Worry not, partner. You're a stronger investor than me, that I am certain of. So, I am here to heal you. Save you. And, maybe, one night, I can divine your identity. Your motivations.

Who are you, faithful disciple? Bird, or man? Why must you look at me with such devotion? I am yet to prove myself, yet you treat me as if I was... as I was before.

*SQUAWK* "hhhhoollllyyyy...."

Hush now. Save your breath, for you must rest. We have a big day tomorrow. We're almost ready.
Beyond sigma. Life coach and trading consultant. V.I.P blogger and investigator. Trader in rare fish and various oddities. Contact for free business conundrums.
Well, that's a nice motive you've got there, sir, but I'll have to reject it purely on principle.
So, if anyone wants to know, my assigned "target" is Tinkaton.
Keeps me honest if I mention it now, before this whole hubbub starts.
The following is an archive of an audio log uncovered after the disappearance of Agent Andras.
If found, please report to your Handler for further instruction.

Quote:MISSION LOG: --------

<Begin Communication.>
[???] You don't mind if I record this? Officially, it's off the record.
[???] Yeah, whatever works. I'm surprised you actually bought tickets just to corner me in here.
[???] Yes, well, I wanted to get some of your papers signed off on, and you kept blowing me off. I thought this would be the place to catch you.
[???] Sorry, I've been busy with the move. What else is there to do? I thought you guys already burned my old birth certificate and stuff.
[???] The Bureau likes to cover its bases. Since we deal with the unknown often, it's good to have this sort of documentation ready in case something ever happens to you.
[???] Uh-huh. You think it's safe to do it like... in public?
[???] I believe we're the only ones stupid enough to buy tickets for the showing tonight. The seats are all empty.
[???] ...Touché. Though, stupid isn't the word I'd use. These are good movies.
[???] Plus, I get to have real popcorn and a big soda.
[???] That's exciting to you?
[???] Couldn't afford anything besides the utility bill before. I'm treating myself to celebrate the big day.
[???] ...Then, I'm sorry I came here to bother you with work. I'll see myself out.
[???] Nah, you can stay. I've seen this one more than once. Besides, like you said, the whole place is cleared out. It'd be a waste to send you away. Twin Dragons; With Vengeance is up next. It's a classic.
[???] Is that foreign...? I've never heard of that one.
[???] Take my word for it. We can mull the paperwork over after the this scene.


The theater thrums with the sound of overblown strikes and flying leaps as a lone Samurai garbed in red battles his way through an ancient temple.
The battle comes to a lull as the lone Samurai climbs the steps through the antechamber towards a man in blue robes...

Brother, I've come to stop you! The secrets of the Dragon Style can never be beheld by mortal men! Stop this madness!

You're too late, Matsunaga! I am beyond mortal ken! And once I have the Dragon Scroll, I will be the strongest thing alive!
You have no hope of defeating me!

Midori wouldn't have wanted this for you! She wouldn't want us to fight here, not after all we've been through!

Blood and Thunder! Do not speak of her wishes. I will burn those imperial bastards for what they did to her! Join me, Brother, and we can take revenge! Does your blood not boil for the deaths caused by those monsters!?

Shinada, no! They have agreed to stop their invasion, no more blood must be shed! I cannot bear to lose you to the Dragon's Curse as well!

You are a fool, Matsunaga... And no longer my Brother! It must be so! I will be the light to all my countrymen!
A guiding force, powerful enough to destroy all who oppose us!

No... you leave me no choice, Brother... I swore to never draw my blade again... but you've forced my hand!!

The Brothers' blades clash against one another in a dramatic display of strength...


[???] ...Are they all usually this... hammy?
[???] The good ones are. This dub is nothing at all like the one I have on tape.
[???] I wonder if they'd sell me a copy, actually...
[???] I don't believe I've actually sat down and watched a movie in... at least three years, now.
[???] You picked a good time to start again. Demon Blade; Hand of the Dragon's Curse is easily one of the best movies ever made.
[???] It's all practical effects, the blood and stuff. Back in the day, the rumor was that the swords on set were real.
[???] That doesn't sound very safe. Was there any truth to the rumors?
[???] Dunno. Never seen it on a screen with enough definition to tell. They look pretty real from here, though.
[???] Do you mind if... I step out and get a drink? I think I'd like to stay for the next film.
[???] If you'll have me, of course. I'd hate to intrude.

[???] Please, after you. You bought the ticket, after all. If you like it, I've got some more I can lend you after.
[???] Excuse me, then, I'll be right back.


[???] ...The door is locked? Isn't that a fire haza-

[???] Hey, look alive. I think the Samurai are stepping off the screen.
[???] They're what-?
[???] I guess it's time to find out if the swords were the real deal. You got any capture pods?
[???] I-I think a few? You're not going to fight them bare handed, are you??
[???] What else am I supposed to do? Hang back and try and get that door open, I'll try and slow 'em down.
<End Communication.>
I'll show you a real dance....
still thinking about that sandwich. holy shit.
(Jun 16, 2024 at 1:25 AM)Pea Wrote: still thinking about that sandwich. holy shit.

Did you just say.... HOLY!?!??!?

[Image: tumblr-e0f57df29f902f70b12cdb6017615cbb-...62-540.gif]
I'll show you a real dance....
(Split into pieces because it turns out gradient BBCode very quickly exceeds the character limit. Special thanks to TPG for collaborating on this.)


Leisure Center

*Knock* - *Knock* - *Knock*

[Image: gUGBDcI.png]

Excuse us boss, can we step inside? We have a briefing on the project's current status to deliver!

[Image: qYXGwX9.png]

Yes, I’m just about finished here. Please, sit.

Oh! Loob is here too! Excellent, we can all go over this progress report together!

[Image: 5eL6cG0.gif]

[Image: HatPheneraPleased_os0gwm.png]

Everything is on track. With Dr. Lyra willingly becoming an Aberration, Dexter offering to help unseal the Occultic Seal, and The Source's location uncovered, we should meet all of our objectives right on-schedule! There won't be any room left in this world for doubt soon. Not everyone has had faith in this operation until now, but when this returns the world to its former state, nobody will be able to deny you remade the world into a paradise. They'll make records of you more extensive and longer lasting than the records of the Black Scribe. Everyone will worship you as first among the world of equals we create!

There may be unfinished tasks still, but there's just so much to celebrate, too! It's too bad that Agent Morgan and the masked intruder are still security risks. It would be a great time for an office party.

It took so long to reach this point, but this is what the greater good means. To act in service of the greater good is to do what's best for the world, no matter how many objections the others raise. They won't understand yet, and that's why they're resisting When the time comes to open the final two seals, some of them might even become enemies of the project like Agent Morgan They won't understand what it means to pursue the greater good and they'll turn away from us until we accomplish our objectives and bring about paradise

[Image: HatPheneraDeepThought_jlyfqm.png]

That's what you were trying to teach us all along, wasn't it? Father Dodo shared the meaning of faith and taught everyone that Heteromorphs are as capable and worthy of respect as anyone else Then you saw potential within us and promoted us so we could learn what it means to use that faith to make the world that needs to be made.

thank you for trusting us and giving us this experience Working under you on this plan, it caused something about the world to change

It was strange when we first arrived. At that time, the world was fractured. Since we started working under you, the world has been unified. When we first arrived, we were filled with tension and friction. Now we're filled with excitement and peace.

for the most part.

There's something else
The Thing That Lives Beneath was murdered. Father Dodo sacrificed himself. Lita was terminated. Agent Morgan violated his employment contract and betrayed us. Now we'll have to be in open conflict with Agent Giffany and Riki

Boss Does working towards the greater good always require sacrificing so many bonds? When we collate all of the losses, it hurts. We have faith in this operation. We know that everyone who has turned away will see the truth and come back when it culminates in a better world.

That's not making it any easier to concentrate on the work that still needs to be done.

How can we have the discipline to focus on work through the pain that you have? How can we forget what we've sacrificed so we can put in the overtime and hustle through the final stages of this project?

[Image: 31uFfc7.png]

I’m glad progress is being made. The candidate for the Occultic Seal must be carefully chosen - like with Liturgy, it is an ancient and vast power that cannot be adequately used when in untrained hands. I pray that whoever seeks a monopoly over the Occultic will be amenable to our interests.

But yes, it is all coming together. The people around us doubt us because they have yet to see results. Like in any company, we have to prove our worth before being ready for responsibility. Once they understand our prowess and our ambitions, I have no doubt their minds will fall into place.

And, Phenera. Loss is a necessary and unavoidable step on the path to success. This is a great and cold truth, and one you will continue to learn now that you are learning to walk on your own. It’s not easily accepted - I faced this truth many times before I was ready to handle it.

Over time, I found it beneficial to incorporate those losses into your own self-motivation. Every misstep and forfeit only served to justify my actions - for if I gave up, every sacrifice up to that point would have been made in vain. That is unconscionable in the business world.

But we cannot forget. Not truly. Use that pain you have inside you, as I do, and turn it inside out, weaponise it into a force for the greater good.

Loss as a source of motivation Turn it inside out Weaponize it

Then the lesson to learn here is that nothing can be an idle resource! Any resource that isn't actively being channeled to the goals of the project needs to be redirected. Losses only remain losses if they're dwelled upon. Left as idle memories, they'll reduce productivity, but if they're invested into the convictions behind an operation, they'll propel it forward.. We can make an unproductive idle resource into a productive one.

That's so wise! We'll commit to that! We'll synthesize that into an addition to the core mission statement for the project of opening The Source's and bringing about paradise!

There are so many preparations that we still need to make, and that you must still have so much to carry out with Loob, so we won't stay much longer. We only have one more question.
[Image: DUSzO7p.png]

Agent Morgan he mentioned someone named Lily. The handbook says we should maintain a strict separation between personal life and professional life, but we're already discussing sacrifices.

Are we allowed to ask? Was she one of the people who rejected the greater good? Did it hurt to have to sacrifice her? Do you have faith she'll come back when we carry out the rest of this operation?

[Image: a4bmUXQ.png]

Lily. So he knows.

The woman he spoke of is an ex-partner, my... first partner. We worked together in our youth when climbing up the economic ladder. We had both endured grievous losses and agreed to, as I explained, profit from our pain, for the greater good.

Eventually, she faltered. When confronted with a chance to act for the greater good at a scale undreamt of, she struggled. Argued. I understood her hesitation, of course I did, but I couldn’t stop. Not when faced with the opportunity to change the world. So, I left her behind. It was the greatest sacrifice I ever made. Perhaps the one which provides me with the ultimate drive. The drive to justify losing her.

I don’t regret it, but I still think about it. A lot. There are a lot of personal risks associated with separating from a partner, and to this day I cannot be certain if she will accept what I am doing for her. For some people, the world is nothing compared to concepts of love and family.

But, not all was lost. I carry her spirit with me at all times. From her I learned my greatest values as a business winner. In this way, she is still contributing to our mission.

So no matter how much faith we have in the plan it's impossible to be certain everyone will accept it. Even once this plan remakes paradise, she - anyone - could still reject it for love and family

No No, those aren't as valuable as what we're doing. They can't be. We wouldn't be sacrificing a chance to have any bonds with the others here if this work weren't more valuable. We're not as experienced as you are, so please forgive us for speaking out of line, but She'll have to come back. They'll all see what's most valuable. They'll all understand the sacrifices. They have to see! There's no alternative, because no sacrifice can be in vain! That's unconscionable in business!

You won't have sacrificed your partner without a return on your investment. We'll make sure of it!

We're going to double our effort! We'll build paradise, and we'll bring Lily back! We'll bring everyone back! You can count on us! We'll see that the job gets done no matter what happens from here.

We'll begin making preparations for the next stage on the plan right away. There's no time to waste. Thank you for your time, boss. We need to get back to Agent Nashu's room to finish preparing, but we'll report for duty bright and early. Goodnight! Goodnight, Loob!

Stay safe, and stay hidden. Darkness lurks behind every corner, so be not afraid to use my light as your guidance.

Shout out to Rose for the base talksprite

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