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Lately I've been really tickled by the idea of a "fangame" that uses original designs and can be sold without legal issues. From that idea these four friends were born: Spritey, Snuckles, Ed, and The Princess.

In theory this would be a Paper Mario-style RPG where you meet your partners in legally-distinct worlds. You might meet Snuckles in a "Verdant Hilly Zone", or the Princess in a "Kingdom that has many vegetables including but not limited to Mushrooms". Ed is from Pocketmania, that's a gimme. Of course the words Sonic, Mario, and Pokemon would appear nowhere in the game or branding. No idea how this would actually work out in terms of C&D notices, but it sure would be fun to try.

The sprites themselves are pretty similar to PM64, but they're 8-bit. I think 8-bit sprites against a 3D world with some amount of dynamic shading would make for some pretty cool contrast.

I exported Ed's arm 1px too high but I'm too lazy to fix it (doesn't bode well for my ability to complete an entire game)
Pocketball Go

[Image: pocketballgo.gif]
Bonus: Naughty Pirate head

[Image: naughtypirate.gif]

I am proud of this guy, he has evolved so much that he looks literally nothing like Dr Eggman anymore.
[Image: supercorrect.png]
i love the color palette, this is some certified good shit
love these sprites, good shit
good sprites though they're a bit saturated for my tastes but i could see this appearing in a real game and now i need it in my life
i want this to be a whole game so fucking bad dude
[Image: Bandit_-_russian_dancing.gif]
@T-man I gotta put Douchebag Dave in this too
Anyway this has already received a more positive response than any other project I've done, so I'm gonna try to figure out unity 3D
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if you need a way to get this published on consoles give me a PM and we'll make this happen

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