For your $16.59 Mexican Vanilla Extract for $5 online at penzeys.com, after placing the Vanilla Extract in your basket, enter GOOD into the apply code box at checkout to drop the price to only $5.

For your free $5.95 Outrage of Love, once you have $5 in spending enter LOVE in that same apply code box. No need to add the Outrage to your basket, the LOVE code does that for you and for free. It’s so easy.

if you care about baking at all you gotta get that mexican vanilla. i love penzeys. i don't care that much for their extreme 'we're proud liberals' branding because it just doesn't matter to me that much but their spices are legit. if you're lucky enough to have a location for local pickup instead of shipping its literally a no brainer, its 5$ for the best vanilla extract you can get and some spices.

the coupons stack too so its literally just 5$ man
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Shipping is $8.95 so I opted out, but Good Sh*t for the thrifty advice
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