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Faceless Flame
[Image: iRAfq5t.png]

[Image: NRa9Nl3.png]

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[Image: AOC00a1.png?1]

Run! Jump! Scorch the innocent!

And download the demo here:


Scathing criticism encouraged.
Ok played through a few levels and here's what I think:
-Checkpoints, if you die near the end of the level its a pain to have to redo the level
-Flames become throw-able a little too slow in my opinion, feels like a chore to use
-Being able to kill the fire plants would be nice
-The spiders seem too easy, I'd buff the spawned flies a little

Also have you though of getting a small team together? This has some potential.

EDIT: A run button would be nice
-I've knocked off 5 frames from the charge-up (you get small flame in 15 instead of 20 frames now, so 25% quicker), hopefully that alleviates things a bit.
-Good call on the fire plants.
-Would a buff that increases their speed, or makes shots not pass through them, work better? I'm thinking the former, because a tiny fly eating a full fireball to the face is kinda silly.
-I'm worried the levels are short enough that checkpoints would trivialize them... would buffing the midway health picks (maybe from 20% health back to 40/50%) work?

Also, never really thought about it. I kind of enjoy being a one man team. Thanks for the comments.

>because a tiny fly eating a full fireball to the face is kinda silly.

This would work great

>would buffing the midway health picks (maybe from 20% health back to 40/50%) work?

Yeah, I was mostly just frustrated at the spikes
this does indeed have a lot of potential. with a little bit of added depth i think it could be a great game.

the fireballs do indeed become throwable a bit too slow. and i didnt have much of a problem with it, the level design seemed like... too easy? like stuff that probably shouldve been hard wasnt designed hard enough? like the spikes didn't bother me all that much and the part where the plants were shooting fireballs up at you while climbing the ceeiling and there was like a bunch of them in a row was easy. like i felt like it couldve escalated beyond that for some reason?? also i dont agree that the flowers should be killable because that would take away the challenge of that part but i do think there should be some kind of in-universe reason why they can't be killed, like the balls bounce off them or something

i dunno, the more i think about it it was just the first level of the game and i need to chill and also maybe i shouldn't be egging you to make it harder, it might be because ive been playing too much shovel knight recently

(Nov 6, 2016 at 2:27 AM)Endgame Wrote: Also, never really thought about it. I kind of enjoy being a one man team. Thanks for the comments.

if you ever decide to change your mind, i could do music. im wondering, is the music you're using now stock music or music you composed? i only ask because it sounds really professionally arranged.
[Image: fsMwICg.gif]
Music is from Spiral Knights and Dark Souls 3, iirc. Sound effects were made by me, but that's about it!

Yeah, difficulty is supposed to be pretty low for this area (Area 1 of 5, not counting some brutal bonus levels planned.) I think one person saying that it's too easy and one requesting checkpoints might show I kinda got it right, but that's only if you take an average, so welp. Welp
It seems our friend Gabriel has discovered a new area.

[Image: qo7jE3W.png]

But who is that shady figure hidden in the trees?
Pretty minor update for now (new content is not quuuiiiite polished enough for a sceenshot yet BUT):

[Image: 4mfMl8Q.png]

The hud has been redesigned to be less humongous. Boss health bars have been given a similar redesign. The damage numbers after you hit an enemy now have a much nicer custom font instead of the ugliness it was before.
it certainly looks cleaner
dude this is really cool. have a couple criticisms but theyre p pedantic. all the core mechanics here are really neat

-is the mc supposed to be wearing a hood or something? looks kinda like a motorcycle helmet lol idk tho might be intentional
-the parts w the plants are too easy imo. i blazed through 2/3 of them without stopping and didnt get hit at all
-the dmg multiplier thing should last a tiny bit longer mayb? idk i find myself only killing like two enemies at once w it and even thats kinda rare
-the boss's scream attack seems p pointless to me since youre going to be standing as far away as possible from him all the time to avoid his sword slash things
Thanks for playing!
-It's supposed to be a helmet, my spriting skills are kinda bad though. Does have a thin visor kinda like biking helmet.
-Yeah, I've increased the number of plants, but cranking up fire rate might be a better solution, I'll experiment with that a bit.
-Later levels have a bunch more enemies so keeping up your soul streak is much less of an issue. Plenty of green crusaders and anglerworms to oneshot to keep the multiplier going, but there's also tougher enemies as well.
-Scream attack doesn't actually hurt you, just something to show that he's entering into phase two + has completely lost it, since he's screaming like an animal.

And, as promised, screenshots!

[Image: YgFvuEs.png]

Hope you're not afraid of the dark

[Image: 1iBnJzn.png]

This probably should have been a gif, the parallax is neat.
i liek that castle crasher vampire thing in the first pic
Project is still chugging along. Switching over to Game Maker Studio 2 took a bit, and then I decided to rewrite some of the old parts of the engine to be far more versatile (more on that later.) Since then, been working on some spoilerrific late game content.

However, I do have something to show:

[Image: NdgJG7M.gif]

Meet Velandra, boss of the second world.

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