not really sure what's in the air atm but i feel like there's so many players that were once considered out-of-meta that are being picked for Pro Circuit gameplay recently. I think it's definitely got something to do with @Fun With Despair being added to the roster with the latest update, but also a lot of players have had their skillset unlocked now that Rally has been here for a while. people are starting to realise how important it is for power plays and it's mixing up the meta pretty dramatically. Shadow Administration Entertainment certainly will have its hands full for this month's MMR. what do you guys think about the current meta?
"If Your Plate Doesn't Have Any Beef On It, Send It Back To The Hecking Cafeteria!!!" - OracularRELOADED
meta is way too spell-centric rn with the addition of rally, i cant do shit to advance any more
I gotta say I agree

The meta is betta then eva
Fun With Despair
it's good

i fully expect to be gutted next patch though

alternatively buff rally so I can hit 20 you fuckers
last update was sick
glad to see competitive play blowing up like this. keep the good sh*t coming everyone
you know a meta is good when i'm involved
Shadow the Hedgehog
how would you losers rate the damn meta now
needs improvement
bumping a million old threads is still OP

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