Class Update Megathread [Version 1.0 Public Alpha]

Fun With Despair
(Mar 27, 2017 at 6:36 PM)Pedigree Wrote: PS, Cleric's gonna need more sweet spells available with the whole Salty category disabled for them. TBH only 3 sweet spells is a bit low on sweets count anyways.
We do have some excellent sweet and pepperoni spells coming in, along with some being brought back.

The EX reset idea is probably the outright best one but we would have to implement NPCs and an actual item market first before that can be a thing, just so the lack of donations doesn't fuck over Alchemist.

Until then it should be seasonal. I also agree with Spritey's thoughts on losing EX but I can see if I can do anything else as well and propose it
oh wait, you're getting rid of donations?

or am i misunderstanding
Fun With Despair
Getting rid of donations for everyone except the NPC class and Gimmickeer is a somewhat popular idea.

Mostly because as you can see with Monokuma now, it likes to outright break the EX economy
[Image: ZkPCg3D.png]
Again, because I feel I need to drive home that Cleric is gonna be strong as fuck
[Image: s2n7oi.png]
since we're getting clerics i think we're going to need to implement a zombification status for bosses so that when they go to cast a sweet spell they lose the ex and the target gets hit by a random salty spell instead
add necromancers that can zombify other people's posts and get bonus exp per post in a thread they resurrect

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