I'm asking you to do the exact same thing you're asking me to do.

And humoring me? You're not humoring me. You're searching for it out of your own self interest. Even if I did find and provide the proof of what was said, nothing would change. At most you would say "huh thats weird i dont remember that" and things would continue exactly as they are. This is purely out of your own self interest. Ask Yrr to correct me if I'm wrong, or find the comments in question and show me why I was mistaken.
Also I don't think you can use your ESL as an excuse here. You know what "pick a name" means, and you know a list of names that you can pick from comes up when you type "from:" (and if you dont, you saw one when you typed it and could have figured it out)
it was also formatted as a list.
diantha you have the absolute most flip-flop relationship with me. you are constantly moving between liking me and hating me. you once decided you hate me purely because I did not read the entirety of the #vent channel when I was brand spanking new to the server and very very inactive on the forums.

this is something more than a language barrier.
do you have any idea how hard english is?
I spent years of my life learning it, I'm still learning it
sentence structure of english is very far from my native language today and that coupled with your weird ass formatted post makes it quite easy to misinterpret what you're trying to get across
fine I'll give you that. but that doesn't explain much of your non-language related issues with me such as your hatred of me for not reading all of venting before commenting in venting, or your need to prove me wrong on everything even if I can bring evidence to the table. if you won't believe me about what the fuck a calzone is then why would you believe me about something in chat? evidence doesn't matter in your head when it comes to me. you just dislike me and its very tempting to call any positivity from you in the past fake, but I feel you're better than that at least.
I'm filing this as rejected and throwing this into Resolved Issues now, as us staff see nothing wrong with what Fun with Despair did.
Before this shit gets locked I wanna apologize to Bee, personally.

Despite getting in her feelings and lashing out I know how it feels to feel like nobody gives a fuck about an issue that affected you. So while I did think my comments were both real and funny as fuck they weren't right going toward when I am around I will try to make sure nobody is attacking/lashing out on someone that isn't THE FORBIDDEN ONE.

That being said though, Despair being passive aggressive didn't warrant the amount of anger and lashing out that occurred. He's a cuck he can't help being a little passive.
Rip Bee
[Image: NZRK1uk.gif]
You know, I've been there: thinking everything bad is happening TO you and taking no personal responsibility for it. I used to think everyone but me was in the wrong, lashing out and blaming other people instead of taking a good look in the mirror. I still do this from time to time, to some degree.

The problem with this mindset is there is nothing anyone could have said differently that would make you feel less attacked... that feeling of everyone is against you even if they aren't actually against you personally is not easy to deal with.

Nobody here hates you personally, though a number of people have become frustrated with your lashing out. Someone might disagree with you by saying something like "SNES on 3DS is terrible" and you'd take it as a personal attack because it's something you enjoyed and you think they are just saying it's bad because you said you liked it. This is simply not true, btw. You're not so important that people are going to change their opinions just to 1up you (and this isn't an attack, nobody should place anyone so high that they can influence their opinions so dramatically). And then, because you think they attacked you personally, you lash out with personal attacks of your own... with varying levels of malice behind them.

This behavior takes a toll on the people in the community, those whom you are consistently attacking. You can't really put all the blame for their attitude towards you on them, you have to make an effort to either improve upon this behavior or find a community that doesn't make you feel like you're constantly being attacked. This stress level is not healthy for either side and the situation will only degrade from here if something doesn't change.

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