September is over, and with it, Recycling World draws to a close. Let's congratulate those brave posters who ventured out to the depths of the internet and brought back some good sh*t.

Honorable mentions go to @Pedigree's thread Laundry List of Ostriches Being Hunted in October, which had 11 replies , but 8 of them were from Pedigree anyway so I'm not sure if that counts. In the future, don't do what that rambunctious recycler did if you want the EX! In third place is @Pea for asking the age old question How many anime do you guys clearly remember? The answer, as it turns out, was two.

For reaching an astounding 13 replies, unveiling the long-lost Smeg forum, and getting Kyle banned, @StirlADrei's thread thank you mods/admins wins the Recycling World garrison, and all of my EX. Thank you, Drei.

[Image: 4fvLR2y.png]

Thanks to everyone who participated, and look forward to more recycling fun in the future!
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this is also a good meme
"Let's play our lives away!"
hey where's my fucking exp you roadkill
Get it by your own hands.

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