September is over, and with it, Rec░░▓░g World draws to a close. Let's congratulate those brave posters who ventured out to the depths of the internet and brought back some g҉ ҉҉̡̢̡̢̛̛̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑ ̒̓̔̕̚ ̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̕̚̕̚ ̡̢̛̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏̚ ̡̢̡̢̛̛̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔ ̕̚̕̚ ̔̕̚̕̚҉ ҉̵̞̟̠̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠͇̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̿̿̿̕̚̕̚͡ ͡҉҉ ̵̡̢̛̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠͇̊̋̌̍̎̏̿̿̿̚ ҉ ҉░▒.

Honorable m░░▓ons go to @Pedigree's thread
Laundry Li▓░▒░▒▓░hes Being Hunted in October, which had 11 replies , but 8 of them were from Pedigree anyway so I'm not sure if that c├┬┴. In the future, don't do what that rambunctious recycler did if you want the EX! In third place is @Pea for asking the age old question
How many an ̡̢̛̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏̚ ̡̢̡̢̛̛̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔ ̕̚̕̚ ̔̕̚̕̚҉ ҉̵̞̟̠̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠͇̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̿̿̿̕̚̕̚͡ ͡҉҉ ̵̡̢̛̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠͇̊̋̌̍̎̏̿̿̿̚ ҉ ҉▓░▒░ou guys clearly remember? The answer, as it turns out, was two.

For reaching an astounding 13 replies, unveiling the long-lost Smeg forum, an▒░░▓▒▓░▒░░▓▒▓░▒░░▓▒▓░▒░░▓▒░▒░░▓▒▓ @the void wins the Recycling World garrison, and all of my EX. T╩╦╩k you, the void.

[Image: HfkhUFv.jpg]

Thanks to everyone who part̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̿̿̿̕̚̕̚͡ ͡҉҉ ̵̡̢̛̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠͇̊̋̌̍̎̏̿̿̿̚ ҉ ҉ ҉▒░░▓▒▓░▒░░▓▒▓░▒░░▓▒▓░▒░░▓▒░▒░░▓▒▓ fun in the future!
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the void
i knew i could do it.
hey where's my fucking exp you cuck
Get it by your own hands.
the void

(Oct 1, 2018 at 11:49 PM)StirlADrei Wrote:
hey where's my fucking exp you cuck
i see that you missed fun with despair's thread and corrected your mistake but forgot to delete your post.
Arin Hanson
Yeah UMMM I want my rewards too? Bitch?

See, I'm a PRO GAMER here there's no arguing, I was trained just for this sole moment, you can't TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME.


mom: shut up, dissapointment


dad: ahhh yes... the young times...

*dan laughing*

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