(Jul 1, 2019 at 5:54 PM)Hearts Wrote: Tapatalk ruined a forum I've been posting on since I was 10 and I can't even log into my old account anymore. I will never forgive them for this transgression

yeah apparently they bought the VGCW forums, fucked it up and now they're all moving to discord because fuck it at this point
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just had a really good bmurger
Just found out about NodeBB- they charge $250/mo for hosting and support (though the codebase is GPL). That's so wild. I browsed around their support forum and it looks even worse than Discourse (who charges $100/mo for the same thing!). These guys apparently have over 150 employees as well. Amazing that there's such a market for these kinds of forums when they just don't seem to really Get forums aside from the basic structure.
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discord loads much faster than the forums do and that makes all the difference when I find fifteen seconds during work to sneak a look at my phone
they both work horribly on my phone, however my phone is an old piece of shit note 2
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Your cue to get ur ass off discord and post here is when u realize WARIO FORUMS is literally more alive than Minus World

I'm very happy this thread is on page 3 even if half of it is people bitching about discord and this broken ass un-mobile forum shout-out to you guys : )
the only thing that truly unites this community is bitching about the website not being iphone friendly for the ten thousandth time
King Piranha Plant
If Wario Forums becomes iPhone friendly we're really in for a cold demise

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