The Ultimate Killing Game Role Tier List(s)

my favorite part about yrrkg was my kill success rate shot up to 100% because i actually died and came back so i just came back as fucking goku
Killing Game 5

S Tier

Ultimate Stand User (Adam Sandler, Angie Yonaga):

Ultimate Plague Knight (Caulder):

Ultimate Detective (Salem):

Ultimate Interrogator (“You”):

Ramona Flowers (Ramona Flowers):

Ultimate Lawyer (The Other Monokuma):

Ultimate Collaborator (London Tipton):

A Tier]

Ultimate Cyborg Ninja (Turb):

Ultimate Inventor (Shoey):

Ultimate Meteorologist (Yohane Tsushima):

Ultimate Librarian (Kokichi Ouma):

Ultimate Amputee (Blanc):

Ultimate Spy (Mario):

Ultimate Rock Climber (Barack Obama):

Ultimate Saiyan (Goku Black):

Ultimate Skeptic (Battler Ushiromiya):

Ultimate Grandmother (Granny Betsy):

B Tier

Ultimate Athlete (Raptor):

Ultimate Illusionist (Producer):

Ultimate Miner (Viridi):

Ultimate Beachcomber (Drei):

Ultimate Napper (Diantha):

Ultimate Wanderer (Boo Boo the Wise):

C Tier

Ultimate Editor (Maitre D’eath):

Ultimate Alcoholic (Hades):

Ultimate Absolutely Nothing (Archer EST):

D Tier

Ultimate ???? (Pea):

Ultimate Chicken (Feminist Komaeda):
i was going to say ultimate skeptic wasn't that good but i actually don't know if it ever activated
also for those on discord saying I’m not putting too much thought into the applications of a role: if I really considered all of their maximum potentials the S and A tiers would be more bloated than they already are, but they can’t all be golden
Mall KG

S Tier

Camper Shopkeeper (Senor Cardgage):

Vape Shopkeeper (Bain):

A Tier]

Pirate Shop (Alouette):

Shoe Shopkeeper (OK_Hand):

Monokuma Shopkeeper (Moneybags):

Gun Shopkeeper (Drei):

Thief Shopkeeper (Yoshikage Kira:

Lawyer (Mario):

Horror Shopkeeper (Harold Lott):

B Tier

Robot Shopkeeper (Couch Delivery Man):

Pin Shopkeeper (“Him”):

Occultist’s Shopkeeper (Luthier):

MMO Shopkeeper (Kamina):

C Tier

Medic Shopkeeper (Ainsley Harriott):

D Tier

Casino Owner (Hollywood Bowl):

S Tier

Ultimate Tactician (“Her”):

Ultimate Quizboy (Sonicproject):

Ultimate Murderous Fiend (Colonel Sanders):

Ultimate Hope (Drei):

Ultimate Detective (Sherlock Holmes):

Ultimate Contract Lawyer (FWD):

Ultimate Role Thief (Jun):

Ultimate Medium (Dio Brando):

Ultimate Role Recycler (Dr. Mario):

Ultimate Gemini (Hero Prinny):

Ultimate Faker (Pea):

A Tier

Ultimate Lucky Student (Robbydude):

Ultimate Discombobulator (Diantha):

Ultimate Telepathic Suggestor (Coldsteel The Hedgehog):

B Tier

Ultimate Mastermind (Gerson):

Ultimate Suspect (Kaban):

C Tier

Ultimate JPEG (Yrrzy):

??? Tier

Ultimate Time Anomaly (Syaxamaphone):
Killing Game 6

S Tier

Ultimate Terror (Teddie):

Ultimate Storyboarder (Jim Davis):

Ultimate Thief (NintendoEmployee):

Ultimate Audio Editor (Beauregard):

Private Investigator (Nostalgia Critic):

Ultimate Makeup Artist (Light Gamer):

Ultimate Devil Hunter (Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry Series):

Ultimate Method Actor (Amoeba):

Ultimate Plagiarist (Crash Bandicoot):

Ultimate Kleptomaniac (post-merge The Other Monokuma):

Ultimate Has-Been (MCD):

A Tier

Ultimate Hero (Terezi Pyrope):

Ultimate Occultist (Alex Jones):

Ultimate Animatronics Expert (Mettaton):

Ultimate Lawyer (Hearts):

Ultimate Stuntman (Smasher):

Ultimate Fan (Serval):

Ultimate Voice Actor (Cinna):

Ultimate Rivals (The Other Monokuma, Bubsy 3D):

Ultimate Cartographer (gentlemansGambit):

Ultimate Movie Critic (Sayori):

Ultimate Gofer (Hannibal Buress):

Ultimate Paranormal Investigator (Honoka):

B Tier

Ultimate Comedian (Mario):

Ultimate Bodybuilder (Coffee):

Ultimate Understudy (TwoFinger):

Ultimate Body Double (Kaede Akamatsu):

Ultimate Security Guard (Urien):

C Tier

Ultimate Assassin (Peach Anne):

Ultimate Pucci Priest (Momoko Koigakubo):

D Tier

Ultimate Nothing (Gnome):

Ultimate Drug Dealer (Shoey):
Fun With Despair
I think you heavily underrate drug dealer. I mean, it has no real downsides at all and you can use it to kill or distract people pretty easily. As long as you hide taking and possessing drugs, no one will know you're the drug guy and they'll blame the wendigo or whatever
fair point, I’ll elevate it to B tier soon enough

though the role going to shoey doesn’t help matters
Fun With Despair
oh and also you can't be body searched thanks to your big coat, which is pretty fucking strong
The Archivist
Ladies and gentlemen and Black, it's that time of year. That's right, get ready to ignore Masquerade KG even further as we start the Killing Game 7 tier list. This time, I'll be updating this as the game goes along instead of waiting until after the end.

(assume this is mf not the archivist i'm too much of a lazy-ass to switch accounts)

S Tier

Ultimate Mercenary (ASMR YouTuber):

Ultimate Amazon Prime (Ruby Rose):

Ultimate Barista (Skull Face):

Ultimate Detective (Ham Sandwich):

Ultimate Channeler (MCD):

Ultimate Wizard (Seal):

Ultimate Firearms Expert (Vincent Valentine):

A Tier

Ultimate Secret Ape (Ramone):

The Archivist:

Revenge of the Ultimate Necromancer of the (Bees):

Ultimate Changeling (The Kindest Weapon):

Ultimate Knight (Marco Pierre White):

Ultimate Alchemist (Atelier Annie):

Ultimate Photoshopper (Steve):

Ultimate Drunken Master (Fink):

B Tier

Ultimate Culinarian (Gordon Ramsay):

Get out of Jail Free Card (Hillary Clinton):

Ultimate Potion Seller (Cooking Mama):

Ultimate Mitosis (Mother Goose):

Ultimate Bootleg (Demonmist):

Ultimate Scientist (Rick Sanchez):

Ultimate Magician (Gintoki):

Ultimate Swordsmaster (Ainsley Harriott):

C Tier

Ultimate Mender (Godbert):

Ultimate Ghost (Momoko):

Literally Nothing (Shoey):

D Tier

Ultimate Loot Crate (Bigfoot):

Ultimate Fanfiction Writer (King Of Town):


Baby Sans Thanos (Baby Sans Thanos):
what's a mario board

killing game 7.atua

S Tier

Ultimate Cultist (Kright):

Ultimate Puppeteer (Gundham Tanaka):

Ultimate Occultist (JonTron):

Ultimate Archaeologist (Atelier Annie):

Ultimate Boxer (Kass):

A Tier

Ultimate Bishop (Jetamo):

Ultimate Gambler (Draku):

Ultimate Doppelganger (Wakka):

Ultimate Astronaut (Barton Roberts):

Ultimate Cowboy ("Just Stamp The Ticket" Man):

Ultimate Monarch (Coffee):

B Tier

Ultimate Schemer (Mr. Peanutbutter):

Ultimate Sportsballer (Rubber Duck:

Ultimate Firewalker (Falconhoof):

Ultimate Jester (Pea):

C Tier

Ultimate Park Ranger (Bigfoot):

D Tier

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