Hibiki Tachibana's Splendid Day Off

Tell Genjuro to use his own martial arts techniques to lower the effects of Obama's ground/wind interference. He can defuse a bomb with that shit and has been shown to be more than capable of resettling the ground himself, I think he'll be a fine match.

While Obama is holding himself up in place and Genjuro is dealing with the aftereffects, have every gear user inject the LiNKER they have on hand and grab onto yours to sing some motherfucking swan songs. Saint Germain should hold hands and sing her own tune as well. With numbers thinning, this sort of group tactic will only get less effective as time goes on. Maria's Airgetlam may be missing to offset the burden, but the LiNKER and some alchemy shenanigans on Germain's end should lower the backfire enough for your own body to handle it.

It's time for some classic S2CA, bitch. The offensive rainbow blast type.
[Image: s2n7oi.png]

>Genjuro Time

It's Genjuro Time, motherfuckers.

Genjuro powers up and yells, his own aura cancelling out Obama's aura despite the president's best attempts to defeat someone with it. Obama's so focused on trying to overpower Genjuro's aura, everyone has the chance to power up and hold hands! As Obama's aura finally manages to push Genjuro back (but it's Genjuro, he's not defeated), he turns and prepares to blow everyone away.

He notices your combined energy.

"...The audacity of this bitch."

That's all Obama says before the rainbow blast engulfs him, his powers unable to resist it as it picks him and batters him a gazillion times. He crashes down and pushes himself up to his feet.

"If I'm going down... I'm taking this curse with me!


As he charges up the Kamehameha, Obama aims at the moon, instead of your group.


He's almost ready to fire... and then he runs out of rings. Hyper Obama is now Normal Obama.


Without the power of his Hyper State, Obama can't control his Kamehameha, and it explodes in his hands. Pretty violently, too! You might want to be prepared to block it!

...But, if you survive the explosion, you'll see that nothing is left but the Chaos Emeralds, the pendant, and a HOPE pin.
[Image: U7dyPAD.png]
Call for Genjuro to get behind everyone else, even with his power this may be a bit dicey. Pop in that motherfucking mix tape into the Symphogear karaoke system for some fitting finale music. Kirika, you better not let us down.

Re-fuse with Saint Germain to reform Amalgam and get behind Shirabe as she throws out her quad-saw shield again (holding Kirika's hand as she crouches behind her, amplifying her shielding power with gay energies) with your very giant Amalgam-Stand fists set in front of Shirabe's own shields while you crouch to bolster them. Have Miku hold your continuously shoot a couple of modified and enlarged discs into the air so that they land in front of your barriers and act as a further damage filter, and hold her hand with your own Kanoka-enlarged one to achieve a similar gay resonance effect and make Tsubasa suddenly really jealous while she's passed out in the street.
[Image: s2n7oi.png]

>Power shield effect

You manage to shield everyone from the results of Obama's self-destruction, with an impressive amount of gay energy. Far away, Tsubasa awakens jealously before getting KOed again by the remnants of the shockwave.

The smoke clears. None of you have been blown apart and killed by the blast. The surrounding ten blocks are now an enormous crater, but victory has been achieved!

Oh, and Kirika has a very good future career as a rapper.


Now come the hard questions. What to do with the Chaos Emeralds and Obama's Gear? How to pay for the damage? And most of all, what church will you have your gay wedding in?
[Image: U7dyPAD.png]
J. K. Rowling
Harry Potter revives out of sheer will of force after meeting Dumbledore in the afterlife, and steals both Obama's Gear and the Chaos Emerals, transforming him onto Voldemort.
[Image: D11tqZqX0AA0wVD.jpg]

>Harry Potter revives and transforms himself into Voldemort.


Genjuro punches his head off. He collapses, dead.
[Image: U7dyPAD.png]
piss on obama's corpse

>Piss on the corpse

There is no corpse to piss on. You make a mental note to come back later and figure out the spot he was standing on when he exploded.
[Image: U7dyPAD.png]
use the mask of life to bring obama back to life and piss on his corpse after shanking him while hes surprised that he got revived
i want to shank him with gali's hook

>Use the Mask of Life to revive Obama

You attempt to use the Mask of Life to revive Obama, but for some reason you cannot find his soul anywhere. Did he move on? Did he reincarnate? Did he destroy himself on the spiritual level as well?

Who knows. On the plus side, Maria has a date confirmed now!
[Image: U7dyPAD.png]
fuck. i shank harry potter demort's body instead

>Shank Harry Potter Demort's body

You repeatedly stab it. Very satisfying.
[Image: U7dyPAD.png]
J. K. Rowling
I will sue all of you.
[Image: D11tqZqX0AA0wVD.jpg]
wait so who are we marrying? who's our maid of honor? did we send out invitations? did we decide on a menu?

>Wedding logistics questions

Ultimately, in order to prevent hurt feelings and maximize the gay, you are marrying Miku. And also marrying Tsubasa. It's a poly wedding.

Chris is your maid of honor, Genjuro is sending out invitations, and the menu is primarily Food And More Food, as you personally enjoy.
[Image: U7dyPAD.png]
yes okay but is there beef stroganoff

>Beef strognaoff

Of course there is.

Not as much as there could be, though, considering you threw some of it on the FIS trio.
[Image: U7dyPAD.png]
All damages will be paid for by the Japanese government and all of the world governments actually, we just saved the world from Obama they can pay up. Everything Hibiki did wrong up till then is also covered by this as it was all part of the setup to defeat Obama.

As for the Emeralds, return them to their rightful place that they were before, and give Obama's Gear to Elfnein for research.
[Image: s2n7oi.png]

>Time to wrap things up

Ultimately, the government handled everything with regards to the chaos you inflicted on the city.

The wedding was very nice, and everyone enjoyed the beef stroganoff, although that one girl complained about your wedding not being anime enough. You invited everyone - all the gear users, the rest of SONG, and even the Bohrok and Piraka, the last of whom teamed up with Kirika to provide the music. Yo yo Kiraka!

You, Miku, and Tsubasa moved into a lovely house built for three.

Chris finally won the World's Largest Gun Collection record.

Kirika was able to establish a successful rap career.

Shirabe shows up at your house sometimes. Nobody really knows what she's doing, but apparently it makes her very rich.

Maria and the Mask of Life went on their date, but they sadly just weren't very compatible. She's single again.

Genjuro made millions off his new line of martial arts instructional videos.

Saint-Germain's body remained intact post-Obama, and she started a fast food franchise to make up for this city lacking decent fries.

The Borhok stayed with you at your new house. It's like having a trio of mechanical pets.

Elfnein finally got that cake.

The Piraka went on to terrorize Metru Nui.

Shadow the Hedgehog recovered, and is now in therapy for his Tourette's Syndrome.

Harry Potter is still dead.

The Chaos Emeralds were moved into a new series of arcane puzzles. Hopefully this will be enough to keep them safe from crazed presidents.

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