(Dec 8, 2019 at 2:44 AM)Skull Face Wrote: Well, well, well. This operation may turn out to be more interesting than I had thought.

Let me blunt; I had planned a scheme with the child, seeing in him a kindred spirit, but it seems herr doktor and the Bigfoot had other plans.

I took the young titan over to the Seafarer's Bedroom, and left him to his own devices, whilst I myself examined the artwork in a nearby room. When I heard the child begin to cry louder, I returned quickly, to discover a masked physician standing above him holding a knife.

The Bigfoot, who also came towards the disturbance, managed to persuade the doctor to leave, before promptly placing the screaming child within his crate, and leaving.

After he left and my plans, at least for the moment, scuppered, I retired to the bar in the Leisure Room for the night, whiling away the rest of the night. That should suffice, for now.


Let's take a look at the poison room. I passed through that room a few times, let's see if I notice anything missing. If the child was poisoned, it's likely the venom came from one of these jars.

You look around in the Poison Room. It doesn't look like a whole lot is missing, but you do notice the startling lack of one bottle of pure cyanide that you could have SWORN was there when you arrived...
Hillary Clinton
Well, I was hoping to wake up to more pleasant news today. It absolutely sickens me that the youngest member of our group has already been heartlessly murdered, even if we all agreed he was the most deplorable person here. As you all know, I am a busy woman. I still have more campaigning to decide, and also need to decide which one of you will eventually become my running mate. But for today, I am putting that on hold. We are going to find out who committed this horrible crime and bring them to justice. I believe the crime had not yet been committed when I settled down for the night, but just in case I saw something that might be relevant, here's what I can remember from last night.

When I arrived at the fountain last night, the first thing I did was great some of the nice people there in the hopes that my kindness will help me defeat Donald Trump next year. The first person I met was RICK SANCHEZ, and I gave him a reminder to Pokémon Go to the polls, but he just gave some catchphrase I couldn't understand and stumbled off. He was clearly drunk, but before I could follow, I found STEVE and shook his hand. He informed me of his plan to take some photos with his camera before heading off. The last person I introduced myself to was GINTOKI, but while he shook my hand, he otherwise clearly wasn't focusing his attention on me. Once we were done, I decided to head off.

I made my way to House Academia, where I wanted to grab some of my books from the Scholarly Hallway so I can give them out to my adoring fans. Unfortunately, all I found were books about the 19th century. I'll have to ask about this error later. Nonetheless, I'm sure the public will appreciate my gifts, so I took a few regardless, and once I was done in there I headed over to House Minerva. I went up to Arts and Crafts, where I graced every book with my personal signature, and created a few things I need for my upcoming presidential campaign. I left with everything, passing GRELL on my way out of the house.

I needed a specific young man to help with my plan for the night, so I headed over to his Pad. Sure enough, TRIP was standing just outside, along with ASMR YOUTUBER. They were looking rather bad. Surely spending some time with me would help lift their spirits. I asked the pair to help me with something over by the fountain. They agreed, as they had nothing else to do, and we headed over there together.

As we made it over there, I saw a PLAGUE DOCTOR, carrying a strange sack around. I gave him an autographed book and some campaign supplies before telling him he was being considered as my vice president. He placed my gifts in his sack before leaving without a word. As I was dealing with him, I also began filming with Trip and the Youtuber, announcing to the world that I am once again running for president of the United States of America. RUBY ROSE passed through in the middle of my announcement, but completely ignored me. Perhaps slightly more importantly, SKULL FACE also passed through carrying BABY SANS THANOS, who was still alive at the time of my speech. I handed Skull Face a book as well, but let the baby be as he was obviously too young to read. As I began to finish my speech, I noticed that BIGFOOT was listening to me, which was a nice feeling, but it also makes me wonder if all my supporters are mythical creatures. He eventually left, and I also noticed a giant APE heading towards House Academia. I wrapped up around here, thanking Trip and the Youtuber for their help before handing out more campaign buttons and heading for the Bonfire.

Down there, I was greeted by SHOEY, which surprised me as while I heard about him doing something about a year ago, I did not see him when we all arrived here. It might be a stretch, but perhaps he swam all the way to the island? He was soaking wet, after all. He was also eating smores, and there was a cauldron on the fire. I sat down next to him, and spent the rest of my night by the fire.
- Went into the Wine Cellar
-Grabbed two bottles of wine
-Broke one and someone took the other and drank it
Hillary Clinton
I would like to look at Baby Sans Thanos' body in full, to see if there's anything else of note.

I'd also like to check Equipment Storage, to confirm if the plague doctor outfit from there is missing.

Edit: Equipment Room, sorry.
The Kindest Weapon
Can I just check to see if anything seems obviously suspicious in the laundry room? I may not have went in there the night before, but the laundry detergent around the body is suspect.
(Dec 8, 2019 at 4:02 AM)Hillary Clinton Wrote: I would like to look at Baby Sans Thanos' body in full, to see if there's anything else of note.

I'd also like to check Equipment Storage, to confirm if the plague doctor outfit from there is missing.

Edit: Equipment Room, sorry.
You look at Baby Sans Thanos, lifting his corpse out of the puddle. He appears to be jaundiced, and his pupils are extremely dilated. More black vomit drips from his mouth.

You check the Equipment Room. The Plague Doctor costume is indeed missing off the mannequin. Several scalpels are gone as well. On your way into House Academia though, you notice that it smells rather foul on the bottom floor.
Vincent Valentine

This island...

I can only hope that my time here does not bring yet another sin to weigh upon my soul.
It's already too much to bear.



At the start of my night, I went to stand by House Academia to try and watch everyone as they dispersed.
The night was too dark and black, I could not make out much.
I did notice someone large with a rather thick coat of hair, though I cannot tell you what they were doing, if anything.
The woman cook walked past me and entered House Academia and after waiting a while longer, I went inside to try and reach the Study.
As I entered the building, I heard a shattering sound from the Specimen Room.
I proceded to the Study, where I found a journal that may be of some use to all of us trapped here.


As I left the building, I saw an ape in a suit with a briefcase walk around to the other side of the building.
With my work done, I seeked a place I could rest and be alone with my sins.


My first destination was the Holding Cell, but the key was missing. I left instead towards the Chapel.
During the journey there I saw a person in a plague doctor's coat passed out on the floor. I also heard a vicious conflict occuring in the direction of the Fountain.

After arriving and seeing that I was alone, I tried to get what little rest my nightmares allow me in one of the pews of the Chapel.

Ramone Stradvar
Well during the night I ran into the Plague Doctor guy throwing some kind of bottle off the side the cliff behind House Academia.

Also, someone around here that I'm not going to describe has some horrible tastes in fetish material. I could live without seeing that again.

While I was in the Study to do some research, I saw that there was what seemed to be a book missing. Could have been a box that was book sized. Will need to check it out further tonight to get a for sure idea of what it was.

Also, since I've seen a few people say they say they saw an ape and I want to set the facts straight. I am NOT a ape. I am a Samoan with Hypertrichosis and a poorly fixed cleft pallet. I've had enough of being called a Ape when I was younger, and really don't need that crap starting up again while I'm here.
Ainsley Harriott
Oi, bear thing, investigate the chemistry lab. Anything weird? While we're at it, investigate the Alchemy and poison Rooms as well
(Dec 8, 2019 at 4:15 AM)The Kindest Weapon Wrote: Can I just check to see if anything seems obviously suspicious in the laundry room? I may not have went in there the night before, but the laundry detergent around the body is suspect.

You check the Laundry Room. Nothing seems too off, but it smells like detergent. You notice one bottle missing from the shelf, and a large coat on top of the dryer.
I should probably give you dweebs something to work with.

I began my night by grabbing a coat from the Coat Room and playing dress up with a Fat Seal and her owner. I went into the Wine Cellar and saw Godbert fixing the floor while MCD got completely wasted. Great job guys.

I went to the Kitchen because with all these cooks someone had to be making something tasty. Instead it was just Gordon Ramsey being a big jerky meanieface.

The Kitchen sucked so i went to the Laundry room because laundry rooms are boring and nobody would hang out in there. So of course Seal immediately entered and started putting weird crap in the washing machine.

Since its the first night and i have to do something silly i figured i would empty a bottle of detergent off the balcony and hopefully hit someone in the face or something. I passed A Bunch Of Total Nerds Freaking The Fuck Out ( The Archivist, Ruby Rose and MCD) on my way to the balcony. Unfortunately nobody was there when i dumped my bottle out but it was fun anyway. I did notice that the Ladder to the ground was set up however.

I went back to the Laundry room to fall asleep since SOMEBODY thought that we should sleep on the ground like animals. Seal bothered me with her eternal hatred for washing machines yet again before i finally got to sleep.
Vincent Valentine
I believe you were looking for this.

I would like to present the journal I found last night
Ramone Stradvar
What was in that journal?
Ham Sandwich
Garden Shed Get Item Dig Plant Seed Dig
Ruby Trim Bush Get Bag Shed
Doctor Axe Shed
Sealglass Seal Leash
Enter Ham Sandwich Hole
Mother Confuse Too Primitive Understand Ham Sandwich
Ruby Crouch Bush
Ham Sandwich Fade
(Dec 8, 2019 at 5:10 AM)Ainsley Harriott Wrote: Oi, bear thing, investigate the chemistry lab. Anything weird? While we're at it, investigate the Alchemy and poison Rooms as well
Fine, fine. And I have a name, you know!

The Chemistry Lab is relatively clean, minus one pot that contains what looks like the remnants of soup. The room smells vaguely like paint and the same awful smell as down in the Specimen Room. A jar is opened on the counter, with a headless squirrel specimen inside. It smells horrible. A second pot is in the sink, cleaned.

You walk over to the Alchemy Lab and check it too. You don't notice anything on the level of the Chemistry Lab, but one of the cauldrons might be missing.

The Poison Room has already been checked, but upon closer inspection, you see red paint footprints leading down the stairs.
(Dec 8, 2019 at 5:13 AM)Vincent Valentine Wrote: I believe you were looking for this.

I would like to present the journal I found last night

Momoko Koigakubo
-wake up
-walk over to the campfire and grab a log out of it. the fire is lit (but not as lit as praising Jesus!)
-hear some noise from the fountain but cant see what it is due to the darkness of the world brought upon on by mankind's sin
-annie walks up to the fire and places a pot on it
-try to make her repent for her wicked and homosexual ways but she runs away into the dark, leaving her pot behind to burn for the glory of God!
-go patrol around house academia
-see unconscious person on the ground at the back of the house. a heavy locker is beside them. if only they had laid up treasures in heaven and not on earth and voted republican perhaps they could have avoided that fate
-head back to bonfire
-dark antlered figure, probably a minion of satan, is standing at cliff
-king of town is hanging around as well. though Jesus is the TRUE king
-attempt to purge king of town of his sins
-the dark antler figure shows it's true colors and chases me around house academia
-say prayer
-the power of the lord strikes the demon down as it rounds the corner of the house
-tie it up with my holy garments
-drag it to the chapel, notice the king of town has moved while i'm dragging it there
-see AINSLEY sitting outside the chapel. they surely must have been preparing to accept the lord as their savior
-see VINCENT and THE KINDEST WEAPON asleep inside
-seal is placing a damaged bust on the altar
-put the demon on one of the benches, prepare to excorcise it in the name of the lord
-in a puff of smoke it turns into BABY SANS THANOS and crawls out the door laughing. Jesus loves all the children so I let it go and fall asleep
@Monokuma i show all pages of my book
Bigfoot pulls out a book titled The Legion of Regrettable Supervillains, eagerly showing it off. It looks to be a collection of supervillains from classic comics that are considered "bad", such as Calendar Man and Egg-Fu.

No one seems interested, except Trip, who is reading it with great interest before you snatch it away.
ASMR Youtuber
hey everybody

welcome to my
night 1 witness account ASMR

first of all, i met up with my cameraman trip
i met up with my cameraman trip at his place

...ok im not gonna keep up this cadence for the 9 paragraphs of witness account i got

I met up with TRIP at his place
The KING OF TOWN showed up and left a little later looking high. Trip insisted he doesn't have any drugs in the pad because the D.A.R.E. lion told him drugs are bad.
Two other people entered, one of them BUZZING.
After a bit, GINTOKI left.
SEAL and A SEAL arrive and ask Trip for sunglasses, which he gives her.
Trip and I go to his office, Trip seems worried that there's broken glass on his desk.
AINSLEY HARRIOTT tries to commit arson so I give him a little Sensory Response and send him on his way.
MCD comes in, smoking something disgusting, so we both run away to get some air.
HILLARY CLINTON asks Trip to film a campaign video for her, so we make our awy to the Fountain and she rants about politics to camera for a few minutes.
She gives a book about 19th century war to a passing PLAGUE DOCTOR, as well as some campaign materials.
RUBY ROSE also passes but ignores her.
SKULL FACE also passes, carrying BABY SANS THANOS, and takes the campaign materials.
Hillary finishes and thanks Trip.
MCD arrives again, smelling better. He and Trip have history and agree to go for drinks at the Leisure Room in House Minerva.
Skull Face is passed out with THE ARCHIVIST in the Leisure Room and Trip and MCD do shots.
MCD tells Trip about a car he's trying to sell and takes Trip outside to see it.
I follow them, there is no car, MCD accuses me of stealing it.
MOTHER GOOSE passes by while MCD is yelling and swearing at me. This is not very condusive to ASMR content and will probably get me demonitized.
Trip seems to trust his old friend MCD, though, and they storm off, passing Ruby Rose atop the Goose Statue at the Fountain.
The King of Town enters the password for the ??? room in Trip's pad and goes inside, closing the door behind him.
MCD falls asleep in the Waiting Room.
I follow Trip into his Office where GORDON RAMSAY offers him some Creme Brulee and Roasted Potatoes.
Apparently they're good.
Gordon leaves and SHOEY enters, confused as to where he is.
Trip explains, and is surprised he managed to swim all the way here. So am I.
They play Super Mario Kart on an Emulator for the rest of the evening.
Shoey eventually leaves and Trip falls asleep in his chair.
I finally go to sleep on the floor.

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