Hillary Clinton
I have to confess that I had a little too much to drink last night, and I can't comment too much today. I also spent almost my entire night at the Golden Saucer, so I don't really know too much about the case, but I'll still give you as much as I can remember.

I woke up in Trip's Pad, noting that AINSLEY was still unconscious on the ground. After a failed guess at the code to the door, I went to grab a towel from the bathroom and try to clean things up. Ainsley woke up after a little while, but he just left instead of causing any more havoc, which I was admittedly relieved about. After I decided I had done all I can do, I left the towel on the burnt chair and headed out. I passed by the fountain on my way to House Minerva, noticing THE APE investigating the ground nearby. I have absolutely no idea why he did this. Also, he was back to his large size, but I'm sure we all expected that.

I headed into the Leisure Room, and will note now that I spent the rest of my night in there. GODBERT handed me my tokens on the way in, though I let him know I wanted to wait for the races and was just going to spectate until then. I grabbed an entire bottle of rum on my way to my seat, and saw FINK waiting to play with someone. After a short time, TRIP and THE ASMR YOUTUBER walked in, and the former looked pretty distressed. Poor guy. As he was handed his tokens he poured himself some Everclear and Powerade and drank a bunch of it. I drank some of my rum in response.

GORDON, MOTHER GOOSE, and COOKING MAMA all entered in quick succession and headed upstairs. The first two returned shortly after. Gordon left the building with a strap, and Mother Goose sat down at a table and began sculpting some clay after taking her tokens. Cooking Mama came back down dressed as a playboy bunny, and soon began playing majong with Mother Goose and Fink. Despite playing and sculpting at the same time, Mother Goose managed to win the match. SEAL arrived at this point, getting up on the table, stripping and spoiling the latest Star Wars movie for everyone in the room. her pet seal flopped around and barked while she was doing this. BIGFOOT was the next person to enter, entirely naked with a noose around his neck and only one hand. He went over to Seal, and...oh.

I just remembered something important.

I witnessed the exact moment of Seal's death.

As the naked Bigfoot handed the other end of his noose to Seal, her pet seal suddenly faded away. She removed her sunglasses and angrily told him he had just ruined 30 years of her hard work, before collapsing on the ground and dying as a result of her forbidden action being triggered. Bigfoot then tied the rope to Seal's wrist and dragged her corpse out. Both me and Trip took a big drink after witnessing all that. I should note here, that while we didn't have any way of knowing when it happened, I'm very confident it wasn't the real Bigfoot that killed Seal. Given that THE KINDEST WEAPON turned out to be a changeling, and that his corpse is naked and missing a hand, I'm certain that he was disguised as Bigfoot when Seal died. I also don't think he was aware of Seal's forbidden action. At least he won't be executed for a crime he likely didn't mean to commit, I suppose...

Well, the night had to continue. A somewhat drunk Trip, with his own stack of cards, challenged Mother Goose to a round of Triple Triad. As Fink watched them duel, THE KING OF TOWN entered wearing a Santa hat and ho-ho-ho'ing. He walked over to an understandably frightened Trip, but calmed him down by offering him a plate of nachos. The two had a pleasant conversation as the round of Triple Triad continued, with Trip winning easily. Suddenly, I heard a cry of fear in the hallway, followed by a thud.

Before I could investigate - though I was already feeling the rum at this point, so it might not have worked out well anyway - the CHICKEN ran in and claimed his tokens, and Godbert announced it was time for the Chocobo Race. Myself, Trip, Mother Goose, Fink, and The King of Town all put tokens into the pot, and the Chicken followed. However, before the race could start, he suddenly swapped the Chocobo he bet on with a rather monstrous one. RUBY ROSE followed him in and bet a coin on the Chicken's monster. Then he lit a match to ignite a firework strapped on the back before we could stop him. The monster raced ahead before suddenly spiraling out of control, launching across the room and eventually crashing into our Chocobos, destroying all of them in a colorful explosion. Ruby cheered loudly for this, because of course she did.

Godbert was obviously not very happy with the Chicken, disqualifying him, confiscating all of his tokens, and demanding him to leave. He responded by dumping an entire bucket of red paint all over Godbert. The bird runs away and Ruby follows, letting us know she'll make sure he doesn't do that again. After a brief silence, Godbert decides to award the prizes anyway, based on the placements of the five Chocobos who weren't disqualified at the time the race was ruined. Ultimately, Mother Goose won, I came in second, and The King of Town finished third. Godbert whispers something about the prize in Mother Goose's ear, as she was going to be too busy with her clay to claim it right away.

Godbert then thanks all of us for coming despite the Chicken ruining everything, stated he was happy the people who participated peacefully had fun, and finished his speech with a silly dance and a bow. He then left into the hallway, and I went over to Trip. I wanted to try to show him that I could be cool, but I was pretty drunk, and he just looked kind of confused, so I don't think I did a very good job. GRELL came him and kept calling him the..."sex king", which I don't think helped, and in fact seemed to really bother the Youtuber. Grell also begins hitting on The King of Town, who seemed equally unimpressed. I did try asking Trip why he looked so down when he entered, but he just said something about his boss and began drinking some more.

I was getting hit pretty hard by the rum at this point, so I think I just ended up falling asleep after talking with Trip.
(Jan 1, 2020 at 2:53 AM)Skull Face Wrote: I would like to pull out the kitchen knife in TKW's body, and inspect the wound, trying to gauge how forcefully the knife was plunged
Forcefully enough that it would have killed and likely spread a large amount of blood throughout the area, as the stab wound was in their heart.
Ill begin at the end since hillary and my accounts overlap almost perfectly and she recounted everything with plenty of detail.

After she went to talk to trip i left briefly to make some little gifts for that good christmas spirit.

I returned just as grell was leaving. In the leisure room were Trip, Hillary, Asmr and a dude dressed as edward sissorhands surrounded by knives. The first three were asleep and edward was lying on the floor.

I gave them all a gift and went to bed myself.
Cooking Mama
Can I inspect the knife itself, before and after Skull face removes it?
(Jan 1, 2020 at 4:41 AM)Cooking Mama Wrote: Can I inspect the knife itself, before and after Skull face removes it?
You inspect the knife both before and after he removes it. It is just a standard Kitchen knife, nothing changes.
Hillary Clinton
A quick update after thinking about it again, I didn't see Ainsley at the beginning of my night after all. I really shouldn't have drank that much rum.
Grell Sutcliff
Well, first off I woke up to some heathen dragging me through the woods behind House Bishop. How rude, waking a lady up in such a manner! This was not the night I had in mind, ugh!! It seemed to be a zombie of some kind... Reminds me of the Bizarre Dolls I ended up having to investigate a while back, if I'm being quite honest. I did manage to get away from it, but not before it took some blood from me. Not entirely sure how useful that's going to be, as I'm not human, but ah, well.

After that incident, I tried to find my way back to the Houses, running into an ape wearing a business suit, of all things. Thankfully, he helped me figure out which way to head. So, after I make my way back from House Bishop, I head around the corner of the Garden and to the Leisure Room in House Minerva, noticing Godbert head out.

I was HOPING to be able to enjoy myself at the Gold Saucer tonight, but unfortunately, by the time I got there, the room looks like my dear Bassy got a hold of it. I ask pretty boy Trip about what happened, and he tells me about what Chicken Man did. The ASMR YouTuber is there too but that's not as important, because the King of Town shows up! Ohhhh how delightful~! I try to convince him to come with me for a passionate night, ohhh yes!! ...though he just dismissed me like that. How rude of him!

After this, I head to the Bust Hall to cause some.... Chaos. Then I retire there for the night.
Ramone Stradvar
Well I wake up in the waiting room of Trips pad, and that alarm isn't going off any more, which is nice. After discussions earlier, I decided to check to see if Ruby was right about not shooting at me. So I look around the fountain for a while. I finally find the bullet, and its location confirms that she wasn't the one who shot at me before she attacked me. So that begs the question of who was the one who shot at me? I pocket the bullet and start to head on my way when I pass by Hillary Clinton giving me a most puzzled look. Must have saw me looking around for the bullet that was shot at me. Honestly though, why did she pay attention to me when she has a campaign to run?

As I am leaving the area of the fountain, I hear someone screaming Vincent Valentine off in the distance. Not sure what the context was, and honestly that was the only thing I heard related to that that I know of. As I am walking, I come across Gintoki again, and give him a quick smack with my briefcase again. I tell him that it was for that horrible hentai he showed me a few days ago. I also tell him that my beef with him is over with that smack. Even though I tried to not hit him as hard as last time, he still seemed to pass out as I leave him. I'm glad and relived to see that he isn't among last night's dead.

I keep moving on and decided to go take a quick look at the party in the leisure room. While walking there, I am joined by King of Town dressed as Santa Claus. We get into the Unnerving Hallway, and we both come upon a sight that caused us to pause. Standing in front of us was the Unnerving Painting, with arms and legs and all. It honestly was a unnerving and scary sight. The King of Town sheepishly goes around it first, and safely does so. So I carefully follow him. I get up to the door and peek inside. I see the following: Godbert behind the bar, King makes his way over to talk to Trip. Trip during this is also playing cards with Mother Goose, while it seems that ASMR Youtuber and Fink were watching them. Having seen enough, I head back out. Making sure to carefully go around the Unnerving Painting just standing in the hallway.

I walk behind House Bishop as I head for the woods to look around out there. I see Bigfoot, Steve1989MREInfo, and Monokuma back there. As I am walking towards the woods, I see Bigfoot smack Steve with a shovel. I decide to keep heading into the woods, though a little more quickly than planned after what I saw. I spend some time out there finding nothing interesting until I come across something that seems that it walked straight out of either the Five Nights and Freddy's or Resident Evil games. A seemingly rotten corpse walks into my line of sight. It walked as if it was all robotic like. I guess it noticed me and ran off, so I decided to chase it. While chasing it, I come across Grell Sutcliff looking disheveled and disoriented. I give up the chase and decided to see if i could help. Grell asks me which way to get back to the houses, so I point them in the right direction of the houses since I came from there.

I go back to looking around in the woods, and don't come up with anything else after a while. So I cut off my search for the night, and end up back to the purple palm trees behind House Bishop. I sit down to take a rest against one of the palm trees after all the walking, and I guess I drifted off to sleep.

Also I'm not an ape guys, I'm just a person who unfortunately didn't win the genetic lottery. I also have a name, so it would be nice to be refereed to as that.
ASMR Youtuber
I wake up with TRIP in the Leisure Room.
FINK is watching GODBERT rearranging tables, and the ARCHIVIST is asleep.
Trip goes to film some B-roll so I follow him out. The Archivist leaves too.
Trip records some panoramas in the Garden, and KINDEST WEAPON goes into the shed.
AINSLEY appears and glares at Trip, who notices something in the distance and decides he needs to leave ASAP.
I follow him back to House Minerva, passing Gordon.
Trip downs a Powerade and Everclear cocktail, and then another, and then another. Godbert gives us some tokens. HILARY swigs rum like a pirate.
Gordon and MOTHER GOOSE enter and go upstairs, followed later by COOKING MAMA.
Gordon comes down with a strap, and Mother Goose with clay.
Gordon leaves and Mother Goose starts sculpting at a table.
She then plays Mahjong with Fink after Godbert gives her some tokens.
Cooking Mama joins them, dressed as a playboy bunny.
Mother Goose wins while still sculpting clay.
SEAL comes in and stands on a table, stripping and yelling star wars spoilers.
NAKED BIGFOOT comes in, already strung up, and hands seal the end of the noose.
This seemingly trips Seal's FA, and she dies.
Naked Bigfoot ties the rope to her wrist and drags her off.
Trip chugs another Powerade Cocktail.
He then challenges Mother Goose to Triple Triad, revealing his own special deck.
Fink watches them play, and KING OF TOWN appears being santa.
He gives Trip some nachos and watches Trip beat Mother Goose at cards.
There's a faint scream outside, and a thud.
CHICKEN MAN enters and gets his tokens from Godbert, and the Chocobo races start.
Everyone bets but then Chicken man switches out one of the chocobos for a weird rocket one and shit goes wild for a bit. (RUBY also appears and bets on the weird chocobo).
After Chicken man's tokens have been confiscated and Godbert has been splashed with paint, Ruby chases Chicken off and Godbert gives out the various winnings.
Godbert leaves after a speech, and Hilary tries to hang out with Trip. Mother Goose takes her sculpture into the Music Room.
GRELL appears and hits on Trip, then King of Town. Hilary asks Trip why he seems agitated and he mumblse something about a boss. They drink and Hilary passes out.
EDWARD SCISSORHANDS comes in juggling knives and then tries to attack Trip. I KO him.
Trip falls asleep. Ruby goes to the music room. I fall asleep.
Godbert Manderville
I woke up in the SEAFARER'S BEDROOM and headed out to begin setting up the Gold Saucer. As I passed through the POISON ROOM, someone else ran into the BUST HALLWAY, leaving a trail of some black substance. I also examined the poison and noted that the missing ones included the previously known cyanide as well as multiple bottles of arsenic and some polonium. Well that's concerning.

Downstairs in the LEISURE ROOM, I see FINK, THE ARCHIVIST, ASMR YOUTUBER, TRIP, and DEMONMIST. Demonmist wakes up and downs some rum before leaving. I follow him to the UNNERVING HALLWAY and examine the painting, as it seems many others have. I found the hidden passageway but did not explore it, as I had other plans.

Back in the Leisure Room, I begin setting up the saucer as everyone but Fink leaves. At one point, the man in the chicken suit passes through from upstairs. I wish he would have stayed away. After he's gone, it's just me and a drowsy Fink. I finish my preparations, and she's my eager first participant.

HILLARY CLINTON walks in soon, but she says she's only there for the chocobo race, which is fair enough. Trip and the Youtuber return soon, and the former looks pretty shaken up. He mixes some Powerade and Everclear and I hand him his tokens. GORDON RAMSAY, MOTHER GOOSE, and COOKING MAMA all pass through next and go upstairs, returning with a strap, a bunch of clay, and a bunny girl outfit respectively. I appreciate tbe attempt to make the saucer more authentic. Gordon leaves, but the other two remain.

Next, SEAL enters and begins shouting something about some movie franchise while stripping. It's a little too saucy for the saucer, but I allow it. However, BIGFOOT soon comes along and, well...you all know how that goes by now. A real shame that someone lost their life amidst my wholesome festivities, but at least it appeared to be an accident.

Bigfoot drags Seal's corpse out of the room and the event resumes as normal. THE KING OF TOWN soon enters wearing a santa hat and seems to placate Trip with some nachos. Around this time, there's a scream and a thump out in the hallway. The chicken man returns just in time for the start of the chocobo race.

The participants are Hillary, Trip, Fink, the King of Town, Mother Goose, and the chicken man who has brought a horrible monstrosity to replace his chocobo. RUBY ROSE also runs in and bets on that thing. The chicken lights a match and I try to stop him from lighting his illegal chocobo's fuse, but I'm too late. The thing rockets around the room before colliding with the other chocobos and ruining everything.

I'll admit it in retrospect that it was an amusing display and lightened the mood, but rules are rules. I disqualified the chicken and he responded by dousing me in red paint. He giggled and was chased out by Ruby, and I also had to stop the youtuber from slipping Trip her tokens. For shame! I recalled that Mother Goose's chocobo was winning before disaster struck, followed by Hillary and the King of Town, so they were the winners.

Despite Seal's death and the chocobo of destruction, it was a successful event, so I began my closing speech. I thanked everyone for participating, performed my family's sacred dance, and told Mother Goose about her prize.

With everything wrapped up at the Gold Saucer, I left House Minerva and headed to the fountain, which has been filled with water. I hear someone screaming the late Vincent Valentine's name as I dump all of the tokens into the fountain. That's gotta be a lot of good luck, right?

I proceed to TRIP'S PAD where the accursed chicken man continues to ruin everything he touches by setting off the sprinklers with a firework. He leaves in shame as I stare him down, then I head into the Office. Unfortunately, it seems that I was followed. A mighty blow to the back of the head sends me down, and I see the menacing figure of the King of Town looming over me as my consciousness fades.

Watch out, King. You won't get the best of a Manderville man twice.
Ainsley Harriott
Can we look over KWs body for other injuries or issues? Anything internal or external we can identify?
Sorry for a late report, everyone. Had a rough night, as you'll come to find out..

I started my day off by trying to appease that black and white bear, so I went to go get the device off Rick. On my way there, i s aw Momoko yelling for Jetamo's attention. As I approach the shed, the King of Town enters the Greenhouse. Ugh, wonder what he's up to in there? Probably copulating some more. Nice. I hear a gunshot on my way, but I'm not sure from where. Weird thing is, the Device stopped working right after the gunshot. Oh well, hopefully that bear will still reward me..

...was what I thought before Bigfoot whacked me upside the head with a shovel, and stole the Device. Just thankful he didn't kill me, that big brute.

Crawled away from that bloodied and bruised, but still on my quest for something old...or new. I went to go check out Valentine's corpse in case there were details on his gun safe, but it turns out his corpse wanted to check me out! He re-animated, and I bolted. Decided I'd spend the night in the holding cells, so I headed that way and saw Ruby Rose shooting the bars, for some reason. She was just being weird, as usual. Not my problem, I guess. Then I slept, hoping to recover from that Bigfoot attack and dream of MREs.
Ruby Rose
Hiiiiiiii! Ruby here again! I had an exciting night tonight and got to see some really cool things! Like... well cool things!

When I woke up I took some mobility practice and got over to House Olivia from the palm trees as fast as I could, and I may have set a record! Unless Ham Sandwich was racing me, because they were already here rummaging in some bushes and walked past BEES into the greenhouse then into the kitchen? Town Man and Skullio are chilling out by the dead body and I take the opportunity to dispose of the corpse to prevent this necromancy from getting TOO out of hand. I pass through the greenhouse since they were conversing by the door btw, don't want to be rude! Weiss would get upset if I didn't show some manners.

The Doctor is missing everything on him, but that's ok I'm sure it returned to the right owner. I get myself over to Bishop to e3 and start a vigil while also waiting for bigfoot. I must have gotten lucky what with there being two big feet foots because sure enough a nonnaked bigfoot shows up at the fountain for me. I jump down and await why he requested me when he hands me a tumblr filled with something. My sensitive noise immediately picked up some ammonia. Now, I'm ok with pranks here and there, but what kind of JERK pulls such a disgusting trick on a LADY. I took the yellow filled tumblr and tossed it right back at him! Oh, and while this was happening Gordon Ramsey was taking the disturbing painting for a walk, but not close enough to get splashed. But guess who DID get splashed! Vincent Valentine! In zombie mode! Jumping into action mode I react before it can use its fleshy arm gun for any damage and slice a meat projectile in two as bigfoot flees back into folklore. Wasting no time I rush it down with some harrying fire and then slice it in two with one slash! Unable to survive my onslaught it slops to the ground in two, defeated.

Whew!~ What a work out! I earned myself a party. So I head to the golden Minerva for some fun! I must have been late because the chocobo race is getting started already with the whole entourage! And a chicken. But it was a really interesting chicken, because they brought their own chocobo! And it was painted black and all clockwork and really cool! So i bet on it, because it was cool! And when the race started it won! With a zoom and a crash and a firework victory! But apparently it won too well because it was disqualified. But it destroyed the other chocobos so I think the winner is clear! Woohoo~

Godbert isn't happy and scolds the chicken for not giving the others a chance, but the chicken was a poor sport and dumped red paint on him! That's taking it too far, so I take it off Godbert's hands and escort them out, nice and peacefully. They leave with no more tricks for now. With most of my time spent being a busybody and none having fun, I take a small detour to the holding cell where I do a jailbreak! Yeehaw! Well there was no one in there, but The Townie Lord and some myspace messanger username, "STEVE1989MREINFO", walked by as I was busting some bars. I got in and had meant to play myself a prisoner for a bit and cry for some help, maybe rattle a mug against the door, but I must have done too good of a jail break because instead I deign it time to leave and with a flourish I leap past Minecraft Steve and gunblast into the night of sleepytime dreamland. Where chocobos fly through the skies light up with fireworks.
The Huntress Team Leader, Ruby!

Not gonna lie tho, Casey Lee Williams is an awesome Vocalist.
Alright so I'm gonna come clean and just say I was planning on killing somebody tonight but my collaboration awkwardly failed and I keep getting knocked out. Seriously; what do you people have against me?! Let me draw my shitty hentai in peace! Alright. I refrained from posting this because it shows my failures as a shonen protagonist but hopefully this is a lesson for all.

- Wake up being dragged by what seems like a goddamn Zombie. He then fucking puts a syringe into my arm and draws the shitload a blood. Why? I don't know. I didn't even know there was a zombie in this shit but whatever.
- He fades into the darkness like some edgelord and I'm left trying to get the hell out of the forest. So I find the shore, and walk into one of the houses.
- I head to the fountain center and low and behold the APE from before is back. To do what? Why knock me out of course. Literally smacked the shit out of me so I'm real life knocked out. I'm also told that he said our beef is over after this???? Which is cool, but I don't fucking KNOW this...APE/Guy/Perso so /?????????????
- I wake up and then walk into House Minerva and see ASMR Youtuber and Trip again which cool sounds good time to kill Trip but of course, RIGHT BEFORE I CAN ASMR youtuber knocks me out with a glock. What the fuck

what the fuck. that's my whole night. what the fuck.
Cooking Mama
I woke up in the Reading Room and headed downstairs. When I passed through the Kitchen, Rick's body was already missing. I headed outside and saw Bees waking up. I wanted some honey, so I approached, and they attacked me! Luckily I fended them off! I think my potions were too strong for that traveler, because they were acting strange after that.

[Image: 1xFLz5O.png]

Take that you stupid bees! This is why you're all going extinct!

Next, I headed past the Bonfire, where Shoey was shouting Vincent's name, and to House Academia. I hang around for a while, cooking up a new challenging monster for our resident huntress to do battle with, but it seems my monster ended up barely doing anything tonight before it died on its own. I don't think I followed the recipe on that one.

[Image: 90173d1af3696dcb95a958894497d463--videog...me-art.jpg]

Then I head over to Trip's for some sunglasses. I thought they would help with my pokerface at tonight's main event, but sadly, they did not.

[Image: latest?cb=20180715044257]

I head around the backs of Houses Oliva and Academia, past the bonfire with Shoey still screaming, and arrive at House Minerva, along with Gordon and Mother Goose. We head inside together, through the Leisure room, spotting ASMR and Trip at the bar, while Godbert tends it. Fink and Hillary are hanging about too. Up in the Arts and Craft Room, I begin on my costume, while Mother Goose grabbed clay, and Gordon grabbed a strap and a stapler. The invitation had all the women in costumes, so I thought it was a costume party, but I ended up being the only one who dress up, while some neglected to dress at all.

I start playing games with Fink and Goose, when Seal comes in with her seal flopping in behind her. Damn boy, he thicc. Seal starts stripping and shouting Star Wars spoilers. Naked Bigfoot the Kindest Weapon comes in with no hand and a noose, triggers Seal's FA, chonk seal fades away, and the Kindest Weapon drags Seal out of the room. Trip has the right idea and takes a hefty swig of his drink after that display. Games are happening again, King of Town joins the party and obviously cheats at cards against me. From the hallway, we hear a cry of fear, and a loud thud...

Time for the chocobo race!

[Image: latest?cb=20180910205933]

Chicken man enters with his super firework chocobo, Ruby joins in and bets on it, we all know the rest. I bet on a chocobo, but I don't think anyone noticed. Probably too distracted by my amazing costume. I bet on the winning one, by the way. I left afterwards, since I planned on hanging out with Seal, and I watched her die. As I leave, Grell enters, and Edward Scissorhands is unconscious outside. Someone else did dress up for the party!

Edward wakes up as I head over to House Bishop. Inside the chandelier is broken on the floor, with the rope burned. I head upstairs, and suddenly a fog gate appears behind me... oh no. King of Town is here, with his menacing red eyes, and he uses his eldritch powers to fling trophies at me. I dodge as best as I can, trying to escape, but I used all my blood echoes on arcane, not endurance, and I run out of stamina when he dashes at incredible speed ahead of me.

[Image: latest?cb=20180910205250]

Feeling cornered I punch his dumb face, drawing blood, but he appears otherwise unfazed and flings me off the balcony into the Foyer. I am badly hurt and lose consciousness.
Ham Sandwich
Sandwich Cauldron Chuck See Mad Ainsley Leave
Water Plants
Leave Garden See Trip Asmr Youtuber Go Garden
By Fountain See Ainsley And Naked Bigfoot But Bigfoot Always Naked Strange Odd
Vincent Valentine Make Someone Mad In Far Can Hear
Goose Costume Get Bushes Ruby Rose Roof Leap Greenhouse Go
Find Goose Costume 2 In Garden Wind Take Hear Shed Pain Cry Ow
Plant Costumes Pat Pat Sleep
(Jan 1, 2020 at 5:46 PM)Ainsley Harriott Wrote: Can we look over KWs body for other injuries or issues? Anything internal or external we can identify?
The Kindest Weapon is mostly unharmed besides the stab wounds, although there is some bruising indicating a struggle.
Gordon Ramsay
After the way you treated me the past few days on this accursed island, can you blame a professional chef for trying to blow off some steam?

I woke up after that fucking idiot Shoey knocked me out with a platypus in a jar. I don't even know any good recipes for platypus! My fury reached a boiling point, and I decided to carry out a divine judgement that I knew had to be done. Stepping outside, I saw Bigfoot naked in the garden, and I knew it was time. I quickly lunged at him and sliced his hand clean from his body, spitting on him, and then left to accomplish the rest of my night with my fury quelled.

I still have the hand, join me tomorrow night in the kitchen for freshly prepared Kindest Weapon Hand.

Heading to House Minerva, I meet Mother Goose, and we both head into the leisure room, seeing a variety of people at the Golden Saucer. We head upstairs, into Arts and Crafts, where I grab painting wearing materials and Mother Goose gets clay. We leave, passing by Cooking Mama, and I go to the hallway. Taking the painting off of the wall, I use my arts materials to wear it over me, making it look like the painting itself is now limbed. I get to see Seal and Naked Bigfoot enter the leisure room, and... Well. We all know what happened there.

Skull Face climbs up the ladder, and I warn him to get out. When he defies my warning, I deliver karmic justice upon him, casting him down to the bottom of that ladder to lie beaten. Turning around, I see the King of Town enter the leisure room, along with an ape. I exit the building, passing by a non-naked and two-handed Bigfoot with that spoiler of fun Ruby Rose. I attempt to go find Annie's corpse for later, but since I can't, I enter the chapel, where Momoko is right now.

There, I look at the stained glass. What is with it? Why is this one window so weird? In an attempt to face off with it, I punch the glass, trying to break it. Unfortunately, I just bruise my hand, the glass looking unharmed. Anyone else want a go, you can have it now.

Exiting the chapel, I hurl my painting into the bonfire, and realize that Shoey is currently yelling. I decide it's time for a little revenge, and hurl the platypus jar at his head, successfully knocking him right out. Returning to House Minerva, I try out the ladder, and climb up to the second floor, exiting through the Lighthouse Painting. Grell is lying unconscious in the ruins of the bust hallway, so I shrug, go to the Seafarer's Bedroom, and sleep there.
Gordon Ramsay
Investigate the kitchen knives. Are they distinct in any way?

Also, investigate the Greenhouse, Dining Room, and the outside directly in front of the door to the kitchen..
The King of Town
What about that Chapel place, anyway? Anything funny going on in there?

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