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Hello, Minus World! How have you been surviving the pandemic? Have you tried out a lot of new video games? Binge watched any shows lately? Any combination of those two things over and over? Frankly, I've been bored as shit. I want to go out to a gym or travel somewhere or go to a concert or a convention or fucking ANYTHING, and yet I can't. It's ironic that I didn't really make the time for those things back when things were normal and not locked down, and yet it's only now that I appreciate that kind of human interaction that I told myself I didn't have time for. And if I know my Minus World community, a lot of you are in the same boat!

I think one of the many terrible effects of this pandemic has been the transformation of the dating world from a difficult and stressful Hunger Games battle royale into an inaccessible and downright unsafe Mad Max post-apocalypse where it's even MORE difficult than before to get a date, and when you DO get one, that means meeting someone outside of your normal social circle who, for all you know, doesn't believe in COVID and could give you the virus. And if you're like me, you know a lot of people who have had a significant other to lean on during the pandemic, while you have to deal with your day to day bullshit, and you either have had extra bullshit at work or lost job opportunities, and also you can't do hardly any fun stuff, and also dating is even harder than usual, AND there's a killer virus out there. Personally, I didn't really understand until the pandemic just how nice it would be to actually have someone to lean on.

But you know what they say! When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. And where some people might be just waiting for the vaccine distribution to reduce how much the virus can hurt us and how fast it can spread, I see an opportunity to improve! And with Valentine's Day around the corner, I think now is a better time than ever to trade in the dakimakura cuddling and the lucid dreaming for skills that could serve us in finding and wooing that special someone once the pandemic is over. And who better than me, Seal, as someone who has not been on a date in two years and is equally as single as the rest of you, to serve as your love doctor!

1. Just like Brainwyrm's Dating Garrison from a few years back (rest in peace Brian Worms), this garrison will be an anonymous competition between potential suitors. I will post a prompt or challenge every few days ranging from basic questions to VERY basic artistic prompts, and player submissions will be anonymous. When submissions close, I will score each submission. At the very end of the Garrison, the player who has the highest total score will be deemed the champion of the Dating Garrison and win a badge and probably some EX and I guess my eternal love.

2. Players will be asked to post under psuedonyms on Anon World to keep the judging fair and prevent bias from leaking in as much as possible. My personal mafia hitman and owner of the 7-11 where I launder all of my illegally obtained money Draku will ensure that everyone's psuedonym corresponds to the same member every time, and also that nobody is cheating or messing around. If you reveal yourself, that's a disqualification.

3. For late submissions, I will accept them as long as the Garrison isn't totally over! But if you do submit late too many times, I will grade more harshly.

4. Obviously you don't actually have to be single to play. You also don't actually have to want to improve your dating skills or whatever. It's just goofing around for fun, and I encourage everyone to join up just to mess around and shitpost.

5. Currently, the plan is to go through about 7 rounds total. They're all going to be fairly simple, though, and the idea is to have each open for about 2 days a piece to go through the end of the month, but that of course is subject to change if people end up needing more time or if I get a good enough idea to add extra challenges. I will post the challenges and grades in this thread, and make a new thread for each round of submissions on Anon World.

6. The signups thread is right here! I will leave it open until Sunday, February 14th, at 12 AM Pacific Time. Be sure to go over there and post with a psuedonym; Draku will note your entry. As a starting prompt, in addition to your psuedonym, I will ask each player to list your favorite color, your favorite DC comics-related television or cartoon show, and something you want to do or learn in the garrison. Although I won't grade these questions, so you don't really have to.

7. For the final scoring, I will drop your lowest grade. This is to let people back into the competition who got a low grade on the first few nights since I graded too harshly on the first night and people hadn't really seen what the Garrison is about yet.

8. When you post your answers, please include your selected psuedonym. Thanks.

TFL;DFR anonymous dating themed game show garrison for laughs. i am the host and judge, and players have to submit responses or sometimes shitposty artworks. a good time will be had by all.

Good luck, gamers. If anyone has any questions or whatever the fuck, feel free to post them in here. Otherwise, we'll begin the first event on Valentine's Day.
thus begins the holy grail war
(im kotomine here)
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Sign up thread is up!
OKAY.......... sorry for the delay, submissions for the first event are open! The plan is to close this first round around 6 AM PST on February 16th, but if a lot of people end up needing more time, we can work around it. Conversely, if everyone submits, I'll just grade them and put up the new thread right then and there.
OKAY AGAIN.... sorry again for the delay, submissions for the SECOND event are now open! I'm closing them at 12 PM PST on February 20th, but as always, I can extend if needed. Good luck!!!
I just updated the rules slightly to make the late submissions rules less convoluted, and I added a rule that I'll drop everyone's lowest grade to let people stay in the race after Event 1. The thread for Event 3 is coming later tonight...!

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