Killing Game 8 Sign-Ups ~ Welcome to Nadare

Jack of Spades
[Image: Dupe3-1.png]

Greetings, everyone!

I am Dr. Jacklyn, and I am quite excited to be working with all of you!

I hope we can all get better acquainted soon. Please let me know if you need anything. <3
(Feb 17, 2021 at 4:41 AM)Rayeni Wrote: Put me down also as dupe tbd

Hi Hi!

I'm Misty! Your new best friend!

I can't wait to spend so much time with all my wonderful new friends in this delightful house of healing!

I will cherish my time spent with each and every one of you!

I'll be putting on my lab coat soon.
Dr. Alexander Wexlyn
Hmmmm, all this talk about monsters and ghosts. Intriguing, isn't it?

[Image: clN0F42.png]

I think part of it may be the isolation getting to everyone. I don't blame them, necessarily. Between the cold and our remote mountaintop location, there's not much in the way of freedom up here. Makes the mind wander, I suppose.

Not that I don't believe in monsters, though. Monsters, demons, they're all around us, if you look hard enough. Sometimes not exactly in the form you'd expect. What really matters, is how you deal with them.

[Image: DDwM2p4.png]

Though, that intern's the only one I see talking about this ghost. I wonder if something else is bothering her. Perhaps she's worried about something? Stress-induced hallucinations, coupled with cabin fever could certainly have some devastating results.

Ah, perhaps I'm overanalyzing here. I'm sure it's nothing.

[Image: a9q38su.png]

I guess I haven't introduced myself yet. My name is Alexander Wexlyn. Technically I'm a doctor here, but I'd prefer to go without the formalities. As Nadare's resident psychologist, I think it's important to foster an environment of familiarity and comfort in a place like this more so than it is to place titles and bureaucracy on a pedestal.

To be honest, my family is about 50% of the reason for that. At least I can psychoanalyze myself, haha. Nothing like growing up with a bunch of old money braggarts tied up in accomplishments that only benefit specifically themselves. Really, that's why I got into this field in the first place. To actually do something to help other people, even with small, personal problems.

[Image: VhEDGxh.png]

As for why I'm here though, well... It's hard to retain any longtime patients in my field when you have the kind of... family problems I've had since five years ago. Imagine visiting a therapist over the murder of someone important to you, only to go home one day, turn on the TV, and see said therapist's close relative plastered all over the news for involvement in several mass-murder experiments.

[Image: 1133BRn.png]

...Probably wouldn't go back, would you?

Add that to the fact that said involvement in several mass-murder experiments led to so many lawsuits that the family business worth billions suddenly folds in on itself and implodes, and you've got... a rough couple of years.

Oh well. At least I got to do an interview for that one show. Uhhh... GhostQuest or something. I guess that's my fifteen minutes of fame right there.

[Image: GVaTRnp.png]

Haha, but anyway, we're here together now, so let's make the most of it.

You can tell me anything, I mean it. I'll give you advice on whatever you need. I understand that sometimes people are driven to do terrible things by the situations they're in, and although I condemn such actions entirely, that doesn't mean you're an objectively bad person. Theft, property damage, even murder. Some would call those things irredeemable, but everyone has a reason for doing what they do, and I'll understand.

[Image: clN0F42.png]

Now, if only I could understand why Dr. Pierce hired me specifically. Surely not because of...?

...Heh, never mind. Maybe I'd be better off following in that doctor's footsteps and getting myself a drink.
Hu Tao
[Image: 5FvxHXL.png?1]

Oya? Nadare...yep, looks like the right place. Not like there's much else in these Japanese Alps.

Yo, I'm Hu Tao. I guess I was chosen to participate in the grand opening of this place. What am I in here for? Don't worry about that. A brand new hospital in the middle of nowhere, sketchy human experiments, a whole cast of questionable characters and conditions...ahh, yes, this place is brimming with the scent of fresh dea - err, medical progress.

[Image: LneWJMn.png?1]

Yes, I have a feeling this excursion will be wonderful for business.

[Image: QnoAPoB.png?1]

What's business? Don't worry about that either, hehe. Feel free to pay in advance though! I look forward to getting to know all of my future clients...dead or alive.
Garth Marenghi
Greetings, friends. I’m Garth Marenghi, horror author. You probably know me from my novels Slicer, or Crab… not to mention the television series Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, which I wrote, directed and starred in back in the ‘80s – until Channel 4 wimped out and pulled it at the last minute, because it was too radical and too damn scary.

If I took anything away from Darkplace, it's that hospitals are fertile ground for horror - especially if they're built over the gates of Hell, in Romford, which this one probably isn't. That said, I'm sure this place has some demons of its own... Besides the fact that one of the doctors is clearly Bigfoot.
[Image: MtkTEji.png]

Yo! Hey there, and welcome to Nad-

Oh, will you shut up? They've almost certainly heard that already from at least four other individuals. Besides, the numbers here are... off.

Huh? What do you mean?

[Image: DzcjpJG.png]

The guest count. We have... extras.

Hmm. It's probably nothing. I imagine Dr. Pierce must have left the headcount up to that alcoholic who's been spending the last three days in the lounge. May as well simply label him as an extra stool, at this point.

Or... Ooooor.... we've got a faker here! Someone who's not supposed to be here... What about that red guy, the one in the space suit? He's pretty suspicious, huh?

Please, that's a staff member you're accusing there. Do you want us to lose our jobs?

Not really.


[Image: Fv9ygZu.png]

I apologize for the inconvenience of this all. Between this undue suspicion and these paranormal rumors, it seems as though your arrival has been less than stellar. I relate, for what it's worth. My name is Luna and I was originally assigned to work as the overnight nurse until my shift was... unfortunately changed.

And I'm Summer! I'm so glad they changed our shifts around because now I get to work with my best friend all day long! Seriously, it's a facility mandate, we've gotta stick together at least 80% of the time! Luna here seems pretty harsh, but she's great! Just between us, I think she's just afraid of the monster.

I've known you for three excruciating days, we are not best friends. Secondly, I am not afraid of any monster. I'm not even afraid of the ghost.

...And fix your uniform, you look obscene.

[Image: FA0DzGt.png]

G-G-GHOST??? There's a ghost??? Since when??

Ugh, do you even pay attention?

[Image: ol0cFQY.png]

...Ignore her. I see that you're all eager to get started here at Nadare, so we've here to deliver a map of the facility to each new guest. Or I am, I suppose.

Here, take this brochure.

[Image: aMNlzx5.png]
[Image: 4R9J8r6.png]

We will have a larger version with room descriptions posted in our lobby shortly. For now, use this brochure as a preview.

Thank you for choosing Nadare.
Among Us
(Mar 15, 2021 at 8:30 PM)Nurses Wrote: Or... Ooooor.... we've got a faker here! Someone who's not supposed to be here... What about that red guy, the one in the space suit? He's pretty suspicious, huh?

[Image: ceVNKH7.png]
Among Us
[Image: X9uSNXm.png]
[Image: kJnSA1t.png]

Figures. You realise the damage you could do by forcing those in need to wait for a brochure before they can receive proper treatment? You best hope none of your DEAR PATIENTS are feeling UNCOMFORTABLE right now. That would be. Too! Problematic!!

Well, I've been making good use of my time here, channelling the positive energy this institute emanates. For a product of the brainrot that is capitalism, it could be worse. Observe!

[Image: 07thsk8.png]

An artefact from my SHIFTS since coming here. Warping to my DESIRED REALITY has allowed me to fully understand the world I deserve to live in... the true HOGWARTS CASTLE. I have transcribed my memories of this world onto the ACTUAL MARAUDER'S MAP. A true display of what is to come!

[Image: f9xCQQH.png]

[Image: r381l5A.png]

[Image: MVWQwUA.png]

At night, when I close my eyes and SHIFT, I am no longer in Nadare. I am in HOGWARTS, and this castle is all I remember from my travels there. Mugglecore, magichead, maraudervibes. I've got it all. If you want to be on the right side of history, you should understand this emerging presence of SHIFTING, and wait for it to become real. My audience is counting on you.
🧙🔮🧙✨🧙she/they 🧙✨🧙🔮🧙

[Image: kHzH1oF.png]
Jack of Spades
[Image: Jack_Scalpel.png]
Ah! So many lovely specimens! I must better examine you all at the earliest convenience! For my medical research, of course! I promise not to be too invasive during our time in the operating room together~
[Image: Jack_Blow_Kiss.png]
...and I am overjoyed that this facility has an adequate surgery suite! And right next to that dashing doctor's office... Hello, Dr Handsome! I'm excited to be working so closely with you. Stop by for a check up with Dr Jacklyn anytime!

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