[Day 4 - Investigation] - Boiling Point

(May 5, 2021 at 2:46 PM)Deathborn Wrote: Take a closer look at the Hot Spring burn marks.

Investigate Outdoor Storage and Equipment.

Also, look at Hank's grill setup.
You take a closer look at the burn marks. They appear to be around the edge of the water, circling around the hot springs. You decide to go check Outdoor Storage while you do so, for anything that could cause such a thing. Outdoor Storage is mostly still just full of various yard equipment. You poke around a little more, and on the floor you find... an E-PASS?

You pick it up and examine it. It has the letters "XW" etched onto it. You go to turn it on and... it EXPLODES.

You are sent flying backwards into the wall of the Outdoor Storage, a nearby shovel landing on your head. You stand up, a look of deep displeasure on your face. Whoever decided to plant that thing was a real asshole, you decide. Equipment however, is pretty much untouched since the last time it was looked at.

You check the grill that Hank Hill was using, and it's just a standard propane barbecue, nothing special about it.
Ask Pierce if she knows who could have rigged that E-Pass, considering what's behind her office.
Dr. Morgan Pierce
(May 5, 2021 at 3:43 PM)Deathborn Wrote: Ask Pierce if she knows who could have rigged that E-Pass, considering what's behind her office.
Dr. Pierce begrudgingly examines the exploded e-Pass.

[Image: dWRYa8I.png]

This thing? It's a fake.

The components aren't even remotely similar, it's just made to look like one on the outside. I don't know where it came from, but it's not one of mine.
[Image: 9s6QSNP.png]

Let's go down to the e-Pass control room! I wanna see what's missing, what's odd, and then take one of the deactivated ones and throw it into the hot springs (FROM A DISTANCE), and see what happens.
[Image: 3nX7pKl.png]
(May 5, 2021 at 3:54 PM)°☆◇_Lost_In_Hogwarts◇☆° Wrote: [Image: 9s6QSNP.png]

Let's go down to the e-Pass control room! I wanna see what's missing, what's odd, and then take one of the deactivated ones and throw it into the hot springs (FROM A DISTANCE), and see what happens.
You head down to the e-Pass control room and take a look at the passes sitting on the racks. Doesn't seem to be any missing from here, and now that you're around the things, you notice that the real deal does seem a little different than the fake, though the fake clearly had some excellent craftsmanship, looking near identical.

You take one of the deactivated ones and lob it into the Hot Springs.

Nothing happens. You're able to walk up and fish it out with little issue. Looks like the internal battery isn't strong enough to do much, especially when it's off. You'd probably just break the pass.
ASMR Youtuber
NADARE VLOG NIGHT 4 - Dungeons & Despair
[Image: unknown.png]

Hi, and welcome to my new Actual Play D&D Podcast!
I'm trying something new today and if it goes well this could be a recurring segment!

Me, the DM, and the sound technician got set up as the players arrived, featuring me as Audible.com the Kenku Bard, Robuster as Penny the Jester, Lita as Sora the Dragonborn, Hu Tao as Hoot Ow, Garth as Lord Dr. Rick Dagless MD, and Senpai as the Heterosexual.
Thanks to Hank Hill, of Strickland Propane for providing catering! Check them out for Propane and Propane Accessories!


We had a lot of players so it made sense to switch out players every few rounds to let everyone have a turn, so Nemesis replaced Robuster shortly in as the audience and new players turned up.
Additional cast featured Nemesis as A Zombie, and later Rio Ranger would join as Rainy the Cleric.
Hawke, Jack and the Kids TV Show Host had joined the audience by this point!


Senpai was rotated out for Rio at this point althought Rio wouldn't join til after we finished this puzzle.


DK West even showed up! Back from the dead! Maybe. But his character seemed inappropriately levelled for the campaign so he just joined the audience.


Garth couldn't handle the main character, Audible.com's death, so he dropped out with me.


Good job Hoot Ow! Wexlyn said you were the MVP!
Dark Souls II was still watching but everyone else seemed to have left at this point.
Everyone headed off out to the lobby at this point, Nemesis going the wrong way first I guess, into Terrarium control?
I got myself some tunes and zoned out to some Death Grips for a bit, Wexlyn and DS2 weren't noided enough and left.
Nemesis went the right way this time and I went to sleep when Death Grips was done playing.
[Image: senpaiheadshotangy.png]

You. Mother. Fuckers. Every night just keeps getting worse. I swear, by tomorrow, if things don't improve, I'll-

[Image: senpaiheadshot.png]

Haha, just kidding.

I'll be honest with everyone, I actually had a mostly pleasant evening, save for some moments here and there. And with shitfucks like Violent Jimin out of the way, perhaps there's an opportunity to... get along with everyone? Four words I never thought I'd utter in the presence of some of you idiots, but here we are. Although, if you keep supposedly stealing my clothes, my demeanor might change for the worst.

I begin my night waking up, stretching, and doing a little bit of beatboxing to keep my mind and mouth fresh. While I'm preparing my body for the evening, Hank Hill passes me by and offers me a "good morning." He seems confused on how time operates, and I inform him of his mistake, but the gesture still moves me and I offer him a "good evening" in return! Then it's off to the north elevator with him, which we ride up to the first floor.

Once I'm there, I begin my quest to quantify a character to use for D&D!

... What, you don't think that I would participate in such a "nerdy" game? Okay, I will admit, my pristine exterior of a popular kid might fool you, but as a secret that remains only in these halls, I used to sneak into the "Dungeoneering Club" at my old school and play tabletop games after school on Thursdays. But nobody can know about that!! There's nothing more embarrassing than a school-wide populous knowing you play a Level 12 Bard!

From my years of experience, I naturally and immediately knew the character I'd like to procure for this event! So I step into the Lobby to retrieve some paper, and find Garth Marenghi, man of many words, worthy of none after his act at my Funk Off, sitting at the computer typing away. I ignore the boring slog he's probably cooking up, pulling out my own piece of paper from the printer to use. Then I move into the Lounge to work on my masterpiece of character creation. On the Patio, Hank Hill is setting up his barbecue and producing some meat.

After a short while, my magnum opus is completed, and I return through where I came. Hank Hill offers me some of his sausage as I pass, but doesn't he know that meat has so many unnecessary calories and chunks of fat to it? It would absolutely ruin my figure! I decline his offer, then move into the Rec Room, where Dr. Wexlyn, Lost in Hogwarts, ASMR YouTuber, and Robuster are there. Why, I hadn't seen Robuster since he worked so diligently as my bouncer! I ought to thank him for his efforts the next time I see him. He was one of few positives about that night.

With the Dungeon Master preparing, I present to him... my character sheet.

Tall Image:

Huzzah! Senpaidios Braveheart, hero of all women, slayer of all beasts! This character would be sure to wow the audience and woo the fair maidens we may encounter! With Thornicus slung over his back, and Hotgirl and Extrahotgirl clinging onto his biceps, there isn't anything that could stop our party!

... Unfortunately, Wexlyn informs me that I must round my charisma stat down to 5. Not preferred, but I understand that Funkin & Flagons regulations aren't up to code with the 5e D&D rules, so ultimately, I understand. Just know that Senpaidios Braveheart is still the most charming hunk around!

Soon, a plague doctor and, groooaaaannnn, Garth, enter our sacred realm, and Garth begins to ramble about his character's "complex" and "life-changing" backstory. Nice try, asswipe, but nothing can compete with the origin story of Senpaidios Braveheart! Sometime after, Lita enters from the patio, chowing down on the greasiest burger I've ever seen. Yick. But she completes a character sheet, and then begins our tale...

Let me recount for you all the story of...

[Image: senpaisinging.gif]

Senpaidios Braveheart, greatest hero to ever live!!!!

Senpaidios Braveheart wakes up in a strange dungeon, very hot, very sexy. He involuntarily flexes his muscles every time he breathes, making him even sexier. He finds that he's chained up to the wall alongside five other, bizarre individuals. Not wanting to show off, he decides to keep himself chained to the wall for now, but he could break those chains with the smallest movement of his pinky finger. There's an owl, a demon man, a Kenku bard, jester, and a Dragonborn woman. A woman! Knowing that women loves this, Senpaidios Braveheart calls out "I am very straight and very proud!" Now he has surely won the adoration of this Dragonborn woman.

Senpaidios Braveheart and the others talk, Senpaidios Braveheart's thick, kissable lips pursed up into an inviting smile. It seems that they all had been tricked by the grand wizard, Wexlyn the Wise, and left entangled in this dungeon! Senpaidios Braveheart knows that no evildoer should dare to keep him tied up! The owl man breaks out of his restraints, which Senpaidios Braveheart could've done much cooler, and quicker, and sexier. They all introduce their names, and then the owl breaks every other chain, though not before the Kenku bard mentions something about mystical honey.

I mean, they all move towards the door, when in burst a horde of skeleton guards! "Never fear!" cried Senpaidios Braveheart! "I will conquer these skeletons with ease!" He swings forward his mighty axe, Thornicus, and obliterates all of the skeletons in one fell swoop! Yep, that's definitely how the fight went! Senpaidios Braveheart steps back sexily and grins his woman-winning grin, the lights of nearby torches shimmering off of his perfectly pearly whites. And then the party charges forward with vigor, knowing that whatever challenges may lie ahead, Senpaidios Braveheart can conquer them!

In the next hallway, they encounter an old woman in a cell, talking to them about a Wexlyn the Wise backstory or whatever. Cougars aren't Senpaidios Braveheart's type, so he ignores her tale, instead casually flexing and winking at the Dragonborn woman. Then he-"

[Image: senpaisingingangery.gif]

That's when the story of Senpaidios Braveheart is most RUDELY INTERRUPTED by Nemesis, now my own nemesis! He stomps over to the table and flings Robuster away from it with a tentacle. Hey jackass, the next time you toss around my bodyguard like a sack of potatoes, be prepared for my fist in your... nuts? I'll be honest, I don't actually know how this guy's body works.

Oh also Dr. Hawke, Kids TV Show Host, Waltar White, and Jack of Spades are all there but none of them are the Nurses so who caaaaares back to the story!

Then he notices a... zombie thing in a nearby cell and sets it free. The group sets forth again, motivated by the sight alone of Senpaidios Braveheart's body! They arrive to a torture chamber, where there seems to be traps aplenty, littered around the floor. Naturally, being as sexy and as keen to survival as any mortal could ever dream of being, Senpaidios Braveheart takes the first steps into the hallway, where he suddenly plummets to, uh

He didn't die! No, honest, he just hit the bottom really hard and got knocked out! I'm sure he'll wake up with a saving throw, come on he can climb back out, he's Senpaidios Braveheart, the greatest and sexiest hero to ever live! Oh whatever

So at this part, Senpaidios Braveheart supposedly dies or something, but trust me when I say, he's still alive somewhere in that chamber! And I'm sure that somehow, he's directly responsible for the slaying of the final boss.

Wexlyn asks me to leave the table to make room for the next player, and as much as I disagree with the notion of Senpaidios Braveheart's death, I eventually oblige. He did have a lot of people lined up to play, it was only fair that some of the characters be cycled out. Know that Senpaidios Braveheart will live to see another day, however!

Deciding to make up space on the Rec Room's sofa, I instead depart into the Lounge, where I discover-

[Image: senpaiheadshotangy.png]

Luna. Unconscious on the ground. Alright, you fuckers, which one of you attacked my dear Nurses while I was away?! Whoever gets revealed for this crime will feel the full force of my wrath! Deciding right then and there that whoever did this was about to receive a brutal, painful surgical reappliance of their dick to their elbow, I begin looking around the room for clues. But before I can even find the shithead who did this-


Right on the back of the head, by what feels like a bar stool. As I fade out of consciousness, I hear laughter, and I feel a hand firmly grip the back of my shirt. And so ended my night. You all really like to cuck me out of at least getting back to bed, huh? The one dealbreaker from making this evening actually enjoyable. Hey, assailant. Fuck you.

There's one important investigation request I must place in right now.

Bodycheck myself. Don't tell me I'm naked.
(May 5, 2021 at 4:50 PM)Senpai Wrote: Bodycheck myself. Don't tell me I'm naked.
Okay, I won't.
Garth Marenghi
Here's everything else that I did tonight

- Wake up, get in costume
- Go to lobby
- See Nurses coming upstairs
- Film scene with Summer, bribe Luna with a signed book so she'll film it
- Spot Hogwarts coming upstairs and into the media library
- Wexlyn comes from the north and we have a brief chat about sloths
- He goes down the elevator, then upstairs again soon after and into the media library
- Write my script, unaware of anything else happening in the room (think Hank said he passed through at some point)
- Head to rec room, sit at table w/ Wexlyn, Youtuber, Robuster, Senpai, Hogwarts.
- Plague Doctor heads into terrarium controls and Lita arrives with a burger.
- [Game starts]
- Nemesis arrives and KOs Robuster; Hawke, Jack, TV Show Host and Waltar are here too now
- [Game continues]
- Senpai dies and heads to patio, Rio arrives
- [Game continues]
- Lita dies and heads to media library, DK West (the D stands for Dead) arrives
- [Game continues]
- Youtuber dies, my character starts to cry but at that point I'm too far in character to stop and have to retire.
- The game ends, I leave at the same time as everyone else. Only spectator left is Dark Souls.
- I go downstairs and to bed.

Everyone else's summaries of the D&D game are accurate.
Are there any objects capable of producing electricity that are missing from Equipment or Outdoor Storage?
(May 5, 2021 at 5:58 PM)Deathborn Wrote: Are there any objects capable of producing electricity that are missing from Equipment or Outdoor Storage?
There are several power cables and gas-powered generators, though none of them appear to be missing. The Outdoor Storage has batteries for the snowmobiles, but those are still present as well.
i accidentally hit post when i was trying to preview lynch4that

- I wake up and leave my room. I see Deathborn being chased by his pharoah, but he rounds a corner and disappears.
- I went up to the Lobby. Garth Menedez was there. wearing a wizard outfit and holding a bloody knife. Um, he really got into character, didn't he...
- I stopped by the Patio after passing through the Cable Car Station. The nurses are there getting wasted or something, can't blame them. Hank is grilling so I grab a burger. Waltar White throws a pizza on the roof, to Rio Ranger's displeasure.
- I eat my burger. Monokuma was also there trying to eat some food and failing.
- From there I went to D&D. Virtual Youtuber and everyone else summarized it better than I ever could. I did however pet Wexlyn on the head for being such a good DM.
- I left via the Media Library, where I saw DK West walking around??? Hello? Why are there so many undead things here? I hid in the Media Library for a time because I'm tired of getting the shit scared out of me.
- After that, I took the nearby elevator downstairs and went to the Laboratory and grabbed some scalpels. Sorry, but I'm not looking to die anytime soon. The Plague Doctor was there.
- I went to the locker room and nosed around, finding a file on something called The Lazarin Project. I will get permission to post this in the totally canonical lore thread.
- I returned to my room and slept.
Let's get Nurse testimony so we can solve the crime greater than murder: who knocked out Summer and Luna
Ask Hawke if he would be willing to consent to a bodycheck. If he says yes, investigate his injuries.

Also, check Jack for any possessions such as tasers.
Robert Winters
I submit to a body/bloodwork check to see if what I was injected with matches what was in Jack's syringe.
Dump Shoey's body in the hot springs. Use a taser on the water. Observe and compare.
[Image: 3nX7pKl.png]
Rio Ranger
[Image: notmad.png]



[Image: Cara18-7_glasses.png]


[Image: justice.png]

Rio Ranger no longer occupies this frail form, you pathetic humans! I am Rainy, the Cleric of Justice! I have descended from the heavens above to carry out ASU-NARO's will! Wherever I land, foes will fall and bastards will have their skulls crushed in!! And I will singlehandedly solve this shitshow murder with the power of incredible violence, you Crimson Eye bozos!!

Sorry. Won't blurt out like that again.

But! My abilities are unmatched by anyone here, y'see. I performed a Divination at the beginning of the night, where Sir Wexlyn the Wise's powers granted me a connection to my god Kavouras Moustakion! His guidance told me not to go outside and that Lord Deathborn the Usurper had no intention to harm I, the chosen vessel!

Yes, speaking of Lord Deathborn... we made a pact of sorts... that I would lend him my strength to conquer the evil Pharaoh, and in turn, he would show me his own scrying abilities through his...

[Image: unsure.png]
Well, his flashlight is kinda fuckin' nuts, honestly. Already went over that shit elsewhere.

Ahem! My dearest apologies, once more. I am not yet used to this body, you see! And I may have left some of the previous soul in here. Right.

Now I assisted Lord Deathborn by using the many holy symbols embedded in Sir Mundy the Pissed's flesh as weapons to strike the mummy. Through cooperation, we vanquished the Pharaoh to confinement atop the Emm Are Eye - a cursed object that has taken more lives than he of the sands, in fact. One whole life. As opposed to zero. Yes.

I believe I've already addressed the issue of the light spell that my good sir had used upon me. What a strange sight, I have to say! Of course, this body knows many things from many places, as it was taught by the gods, the Crying Mage herself, Lord Avocado of the Crimson Scarf, and

[Image: Cara18-8_glasses.png]
(Miley and her honkers are a good 130 pounds of resting bitchface so she doesn't get a cool name. Well, she taught me what weapons make people suffer the longest, and she wasn't even that great at it 'cuz Seaweed-Avocado-man filled me in more WITH EXAMPLES. I hope you're reading this back at the lab, you bastard.)

Anyways. I swore to myself "Rainy, you must make things right. You must help those poor people fighting that dragon of some kind in that Recreational Room right now." Therefore, I prayed that I would arrive on time to help them! A true Cleric of Justice always follows their god's will, and mine was telling me that I would have to mur- uh, lightly incapacitate Lord Deathborn had he caused me to be late. That said!

I passed through the Lounging Area crossing the two fair Nurses, where I arrived at the Outdoor Patio, finding Sir Hank of the Propane Tank and Madam Lita of the Hallucinogen engrossed in their activities.

Hark! My Good Man Waltar White (newly knighted by my god (the only god) last night) has arrived, with his cheese bread. I humbly wait my turn to request a slice as he offers some to Sir Hank. However, he throws the entire piz- cheese bread, onto the roof of the establishment. Unfortunately, Fly is not within my class's spell list. I am at a loss, bewildered and hurt by the discarding of the food.

Madam Lita and I retreat to the Recreational Room together, where I set out to craft a suitable container for my powers within the context of the dragon game. Sir Wexlyn the Wise is at the table, as are Lord Garth the Longwinded, An Unknown, Menacing Plague Doctor (likely here to practice foul, illicit medicine, not like my holy healing), Miss Candace of the Slytherin Household, Lady Ass Mer, She of the Tubes, the Young Lord Sen Pie, Master of the Heterosexual Arts, and Sir Robert Buster of the Cucked are here.

Madam Lita has chosen to engage with the Dee En Dee group. Yes, by the by, the unfortunate victim Lady Jack, Queen of the Spades, Sir "you're fucking drunk" Hawke, and Good Man Waltar are also within the room. Sir Wexlyn notifies me that he will be beginning the proceedings, but can allow me entry at a later point.

Now, I am sure you are all aware of what went down with Lord Nemesis, Heir to the Umbrella Dynasty and whatnot following that event. Yes, other participants were able to give a riveting description of our session, with little to no errors. I am proud of them.

But let me tell you losers something.

I buffed Hoot Ow so he could suplex the final boss and I didn't fuckin' get MVP!! I mean, yeah, walnut chick's character was around for the whole session, but man, I'm really feelin' like chopped liver out here! I guess Doc told us we were all useful in our own way, so whatevs.

I don't wanna say I was having fun or anything but I kinda did. I guess. A bit. Stillborn can eat shit for making me miss out on half of it.

Yes, yes, uh, Lord Nemesis went to the Terrarium Control after the game was over. Everyone else went to the Lobby. Notably, Lady Jack and Sir Hawke left close to the end, but prior to the Void Lord's defeat. I took myself and my vessel to our place of rest afterward. I must say, he was not joking about the bed being uncomfortable! I will have to complain to the head of the facility next time I am in control.
The Drifter
Alright this taser stuff is getting a little out of hand, wouldn't you agree?

I woke up and headed down to the surgery ward, lookin' for a good spot to hang out and relax. I saw LiH leaving the OR as I arrived then looked around. I wasn't getting a good relaxing feeling from the area so I decided to check out that weird B2F area. So I did, and it's pretty dark down there y'know. Anyways I wandered around and found a room with a lot of documents and gadgets. Probably worth quite a bit to the right people, might just have to grab some souvenirs and make some profit off it when this whole thing is over. I also found that among us fella down here, so I decided to tag along with him. He didn't seem too happy about it at first but I'm sure he'll lighten up a bit.

Anyways we wandered around the area and I heard some weird chanting behind one of the doors. Couldn't really make out what it was about but I'm not really into weird voodoo magics, I leave that to the experts. There was also a weird room with a bunch of bodies strapped to tables and some robot arm with a needle attached to it. I saw Dr. Pierce enter and she didn't seem too keen on me watching whatever it was she was doing. She operated some terminal and the glass tinted so I couldn't see what was going on anymore so I got bored. As we're about to leave I heard some wicked screaming going on from that room but I don't think it sounded like Pierce. Weird stuff. Also not my problem.

So we kept goin' and eventually got to another room where we heard some noises coming from inside. Not too sure what was going on in there but among us decided he was gonna take point on that investigation, so I just guarded the door. This was apparently a mistake, cause some jackass dressed like Senpai and had a paper bag on their head came rushing at me with a taser and jabs me good. I managed to shout a warning to my friend in the room but yeah that was about as much as I could do, I hit the ground and went lights-out.

Getting kinda tired of people randomly trying to beat me up, I'm just lookin' for somewhere to chill. C'mon guys.
(May 5, 2021 at 9:29 PM)Deathborn Wrote: Ask Hawke if he would be willing to consent to a bodycheck. If he says yes, investigate his injuries.

Also, check Jack for any possessions such as tasers.
You check Dr. Hawke's body as he continues to be in a pretty bad state emotionally. He doesn't have any signs of blunt force trauma or anything, but he is slightly bruised and shows signs of also being shocked by something.

You check Jack of Spades' pile of clothing. You find the following items in her inventory:

-1 Snowmobile Key
-1 Lethal Injection Syringe
-1 Empty Syringe
-1 Taser
-A medical file titled LAZARIN INCIDENT VICTIMS

[Image: MQ2smOM.png]

I bet you want my "account" too, huh? Yeah, well I don't wanna talk about tonight. I never should have went to that idiot's stupid board game thing. Maybe she'd still be alive if I didn't go, if I just stayed in my office drinking or something. Fuck.

[Image: wW2iyYm.png]

But... I dunno. If it'll help you catch whoever did this, I'll tell you what happened, at least out at the Hot Spring. We were about to get in, but the second she got in the water, there's this thunderclap and this flash of light from the direction of that fucking shed, and then... that's all I remember.

I was standing just outside the Hot Springs, ready to get in with her, then the next thing I know I was unconscious. Felt like shit when I got up, like I'd been struck by lightning. I'd been waiting to get into that goddamn pool since I showed here, and as soon as I do, something like this happens.

Fuck's sake, why does everything have to go wrong for me?

(May 5, 2021 at 10:12 PM)Robert Winters Wrote: I submit to a body/bloodwork check to see if what I was injected with matches what was in Jack's syringe.
You get your blood tested in the Laboratory. Luna volunteers to do it, not trusting Summer or the drunk currently sobbing in the corner over his dead simp. Turns out that you do appear to be infected with an unnamed virus, one that causes hallucinations and confusion. It is transmitted through airborne means.

Your blood also contains trace elements of some kind of sedative.

(May 5, 2021 at 10:19 PM)°☆◇_Lost_In_Hogwarts◇☆° Wrote: Dump Shoey's body in the hot springs. Use a taser on the water. Observe and compare.
You dump Shoey in the Hot Springs and stick a taser in the water. His body twitches a bit, but it doesn't really take as much damage as Jack of Spades by a fair amount.
Among Us
[Image: MIcXUeA.png]

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