And so we bring this to a close.

Looks like it's a landslide vote for that Drifter fella, huh? Never liked that guy, too much wandering around doing nothing for my tastes. Also his gamemode sucks, but I'm sure you all know that. He was seriously trying to coerce people into playing Gambit with it? Yeah, fat chance pal.

But all that aside, he was completely INNOCENT, at least of this particular crime. However, he's definitely guilty of being a lawyer! That's right, you've finally caught the Ultimate Legal Advisor! He's not one of those Crimson Eyes either, though they could probably use a lawyer themselves at this point!

But anyway, it's punishment time!

The Drifter smiles, shaking his head. "No, actually you've got that wrong."

Monokuma raises an eyebrow, tilting his head. "Hmmm?", he asks, confused.

The Legal Advisor's smug grin spreads out further as he pulls a file out from behind his back, flipping through its pages. "Actually, I believe the culprit was Professional Robuster. You see, it was quite simple to figure out, once the pieces were together.

First, Robuster did indeed do as he said, going to Dr. Wexlyn's office and getting rejected, but that's where the true story ends. He did go back through the Lobby, but rather than go to the Terrarium Controls, he simply went to the Patient Ward, hit Hu Tao with her shovel, changed into her clothes, and went to kill.

Putting on Hu Tao's bedsheets like a turban to mimic the infamous "Wigbama" incident from Night 2, he walked to the Patio and slit Robbydude's throat before returning to the Patient Ward. He mentioned the turban in his account just in case anyone saw him.

And that... is my final indictment. I lay down my THREE VOTES on Robuster, and condemn him to death in my place!" The Drifter points triumphantly in the air.

Monokuma looks down at his vote tally, then back up at the Drifter. "Well... You're still losing, actually."

The Drifter sighs, throwing his hands up in the air. He freezes suddenly, looking down at this watch. "Oh shit!" He exclaims. "I'm late for my raid!" He turns around and runs to the Cable Car Station, running right off the edge.

Monokuma glances over to the rest of the players and shrugs. Easiest execution yet.

@The Drifter was executed. He was INNOCENT. He did not kill Robbydude, and he did not reanimate Shoey in any way, in fact running away in fear when he saw the corpse spring up. He simply submitted to loiter around and follow Among Us around. What a chump.

His role was the Ultimate Legal Advisor, with the following traits and abilities.

role description:

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