Dr. Jim Hawke
Deathborn it is, Walt.
vote: lih
Also chiaki for jack
Dr. Morgan Pierce
[Image: IOITi4Z.png]

I think it was Dr. Alexander Wexlyn, actually.
Dark Souls II
Deathborn, sorry
Rio Ranger
H-Hey, I don't want to vote for that ASMR bastard! Deathborn. Deathborn. Deathborn! This is going through, right?!

God dammit...! Why tonight...?!
Maitre D'eath
(Jul 21, 2021 at 3:01 AM)Dr. Morgan Pierce Wrote:
[Image: IOITi4Z.png]

I think it was Dr. Alexander Wexlyn, actually.

You are out of the game. You were executed, remember?
DK West
Obviously Chiaki ended Jack, which is really messed up.
But obviously DK West killed Hank.
[Image: V3ipKvu.png]


CRAP, I've gotta get out of here!

Come on shift, don't fail me now.

[Image: br1vMaJ.png]

Draco draco draco draco softboy bitch.... I am Lost in Hogwarts, I am Lost in Hogwarts, I am gone, I am not here, I will never come back here again, I will be free, I will live my life, I will be a human, I will be magic, I will never come back here again, I will be safe, I will be safe, I will be safe, I will live, I will live, I will live, I will live...

[Image: cTw2BnI.png]

🧙🔮🧙✨🧙she/they 🧙✨🧙🔮🧙

[Image: 3nX7pKl.png]
ASMR Youtuber
this wouldnt have happened if you'd stanned luna

[Image: 2Vu5ifb.png]


...So what, am I going to be having to do this myself too? Bah, fine. Is not like I was particularly busy to begin with. But it is appearing as though everyone is done arguing and being mad and wasting my time, so fine. I will be announcing the killing now.

[Image: Fbs1a0U.png]

Everyone with no brain had the bright idea of executing Lost in Hogwarts, whose name I will not be pinging here because I am not knowing how to type the shapes in the username. Well, good news for me at least, that was WRONG and you killed the one person strong enough to stop Crimson Eye’s ambitions! Ha!

Now I can not be saying whether or not killer will be joining wonderful organization or not, but I will be saying it is recommended. We give three weeks vacation, is more than most full-time positions in current economy. But I am digressing, we are winning either way. Finders keepers, losers can die, you know how saying goes.

So… It is time for punishment!

Lost in Hogwarts cowers behind a copy of their “shift script”, repeating her mantra in a shaky voice. She inhales, and exhales, and inhales, and exhales… She ties her scarf around her head once again, her eyes tearing up.

She takes one last deep breath, and opens her eyes.

She… did it. She looks around in wonder at the beautiful, intricate castle halls. She’s in… Hogwarts. She gasps as a handsome, young, and very muscular wizard approaches her, holding out a hand. It was… Draco Malfoy! Her eyes well with tears again, but of a different sort. She’s finally free.


She takes Draco’s hand as he leads her down into the dungeon, towards the Slytherin dorms. Along the way she passes all sorts of familiar faces… Harry Potter himself, Professor Snape, Hagrid, Ron, Dumbledore, all smiling, all welcoming her home after so long.

They arrive just outside their final destination, the door opening magically before her as though it was expecting her to arrive. She chokes back a sob of happiness, Draco Malfoy placing his hand gently on her shoulder in reassurance. Suddenly… she begins to feel a strange… pulling on her arm from inside the room.

It… hurts.

She tries to pull away, but Draco’s gentle touch turns to a grip of iron, locking her tightly in place. The pulling grows stronger, and she begins to feel it in her eye now too, all throughout her body, in fact. She squirms and struggles, but simply shrieks in agony as her robotic arm is torn off, sending a shower of blood and sparks across the Hogwarts floor.

Her eyeball is the next to go, yanked out of its socket by an unseen force.

Sharp pains pop up throughout the inside of her body, before every other mechanical part wired into her body is violently wrenched out, rupturing her flesh. Draco Malfoy lets go, and she tumbles to the floor, unable to support herself.

With the last bit of strength in her remaining arm, she takes off the shifting blindfold to see the Monokuma unit that was holding her in place power down, leaving her lying and bleeding out on the Radiology floor, her body parts now stuck to the MRI across the room.

She hoarsely calls out for “Hagrid” to help her, but no one comes. She closes her eye, dreaming of Hogwarts one last time before she stops breathing.

Lost in Hogwarts was executed for the murder of @”Hank Hill”. She was innocent. The real murderer was @Deathborn, who pretended to go to bed, then emerged and murdered Hank Hill using his crowbar and a rather clever little elevator trick.

Her role was the Ultimate Bionic Woman, with the following traits and abilities.

role description:
[Image: Mfp1nn4.gif]

...I am quite sure the other two are simply gloating at your incompetence right now, therefore I have done you all the service of muting them, at least for now. Consider it a gift, some goodwill before I present my offer to you.

You’re quite the interesting group of individuals, you know. Such determination, such will to survive. I find it quite fascinating. It would be a shame to go forward with our original plans and leave you all to perish, wouldn’t it?

No, I am here to make a deal. Unlike Seiko and Zhukov, I am more than willing to negotiate, to make a deal.

Dr. Morgan Pierce and Dr. Jim Hawke… The former’s been causing you some trouble, hasn’t she? It doesn’t surprise me, of course. As for Hawke, well you’ve certainly been more receptive to him on the whole, haven’t you? Some of you even... like him.

Either way, I need both of them dead.

With Dr. Hawke and Dr. Pierce both out of the picture, there will be no other individuals who know the details of the Lazarin Project. Keeping either of them alive will introduce considerable risk to our plan, especially if they found it pertinent to go public with the details of what Lazarin actually does.

As for Alexander Wexlyn, I don’t care what happens to him. Dispose of him if you wish, or keep him alive. He is irrelevant.

Should you do as I say and remove Hawke and Pierce both by the end of the night, then I will guarantee a safe exit for all currently residing at Nadare. I will shut down the signal jammer and open communication lines for everyone. Help will come, and you will all be safe.

Of course, feel free to make this choice on your own. I’m simply extending a hand for my own amusement. Carry on with your antics as you will.

End transmission.

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