Greeno draws too?? is there anything this handsome fucker cant do????

All I have to say...

[Image: tumblr_omwttjE2SO1uq8tj8o1_1280.png]

drew the main 3 from the adventure zone podcast, been really getting into that lately
[Image: fsMwICg.gif]
nice to come back here and see some dope ass art! I haven't gotten into TAZ yet but I love all the McElroy stuff, so these are nice.
[Image: tumblr_onpyuzescT1uq8tj8o1_540.png]

for a long while id been thinking about totally retooling the art style in john action, and this is what i have for john right now. it means i would have to totally redraw what i have of the nick pilot but i think it would be worth it, this style just seems a lot more appealing to me.

the tapering on the lineart always seemed a little too wibbly wobbly and sensory overload so i tied it down a bit, i think it should be generally easier to read now. and theres something that always bothered me about john’s head being just a circle so i gave the shape a bit of a cheek. weird pac-man wedge eyes are also really weird and hard to figure out how to animate so i figured it’d be easier to give him more simpsony eyes. i also think making the edges of his teeth rounder fits his character a bit better, and the limbs should be thinner and more noodly, i think its really important for him to be able to express emotion through the arms.

overall i think it’s a huge improvement and im excited to start figuring out how the others would look in this style.
I'm trying to get a PC-98 style 80s mecha dungeon crawler shmup rpg off the ground right now and among a couple other things i have some concept art of the main characters

[Image: tumblr_onr0d97AID1uq8tj8o1_500.png]

[Image: tumblr_oo2reaOVrU1uq8tj8o1_500.png]

[Image: tumblr_inline_ooqhgyfsmU1tq8ucb_500.jpg]

[Image: eyJ1cmwiOiJodHRwczovL2kuaW1ndXIuY29tL1Fk...oUV8ARSr2c]

first we have the main character, Cleo

[Image: tumblr_ooobg3Acxb1uq8tj8o1_1280.png]

and her soft gay friend, Roxy
also for anyone interested here is a very rudimentary engine ive been messing with for said game

[Image: hgn5F53.gif]

just pretend the squares are cool robots
[Image: fsMwICg.gif]

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