[Day 4 - Investigation] - Boiling Point

(May 7, 2021 at 1:21 AM)Deathborn Wrote: Ask Wexlyn to let me search his office.
Dr. Wexlyn nods, and shows you into his office. He claims he has nothing to hide, and that he probably wouldn't hide a weapon for a murderer either way. His office is large, but quaint. The chairs at his desk are comfortable, and the computer on his desk is a pretty mid-range desktop. He has a fridge full of snacks, and several shelves of psychology books and filing cabinets. He pulls open the cabinets to show you that there is no gun, though he does not let you read his confidential patient files.

His desk is empty besides stationary and a few Garth Marenghi novels. A photo on his desk depicts him, a woman who looks somewhat like him, and a third man wearing black, though his back is to the camera.

(May 7, 2021 at 1:22 AM)Among Us Wrote: [Image: SXYkaP7.png]
Dr. Wexlyn shrugs and hands over the taser for examination, still eyeing the spaceman suspiciously. It's a taser from the Security Office. Doesn't look used.
(May 7, 2021 at 1:24 AM)Garth Marenghi Wrote: Ask if we can check Hawke's office too while we're at it, and shipping/receiving if that hasn't been done
You check Hawke's Office. Permission be damned, get a better access level, nerd. He probably would have let you in anyway, if it meant getting revenge for Jack.

Regardless his office doesn't seem to see much use, and dust covers most surfaces besides his couch and his desk. Nothing's been messed with since the last time Hawke's Office was checked at all though.

(May 7, 2021 at 1:56 AM)Deathborn Wrote: Okay, sure, check the Gift Shop.
You check the Gift Shop.

God, this place has really had a shitty time, huh? Holes in the wall, and it's been fucking RANSACKED too. Loads of stuff is missing, tossed about, etc. Looks like a riot happened in here at this point. Still, you don't see any guns.
Yo, Hawke. Explain the vote.
Dr. Jim Hawke
(May 7, 2021 at 2:21 AM)Deathborn Wrote: Yo, Hawke. Explain the vote.
[Image: XbIQYZi.png]

Oh, I don't think she did it. I just think it'd be funny. Heh.

[Image: MkupWys.png]

Oh fuck you, Hawke.
Can we check Pierce's office, just to make sure there's no gun in it?
(May 7, 2021 at 2:25 AM)Deathborn Wrote: Can we check Pierce's office, just to make sure there's no gun in it?
You... actually can! Her e-Pass reader on her door is broken.

You enter her office, which is perhaps unsurprisingly dimly lit, with only natural light shining in through a massive window that takes up the back corner. Dr. Pierce looks extremely displeased with your presence in here, but manages to hold it back, lest she incur the Wrath of Monokuma.

She specifies herself that she will NOT let you snoop around though, and shows you around similar to how Wexlyn did. Against the western wall is a bookshelf with many books on the afterlife and near-death experiences. There's no room for a gun here, but the bookshelf does appear to slide aside to reveal the door to the e-Pass control. There are several other bookshelves of a similar nature, alongside two filing cabinets.

She shows you the cabinets, but similar to Dr. Wexlyn, does not show you the files. Her computer desk is large, but is made out of black glass, with little room for storage in any meaningful capacity. Her computer looks quite powerful.

Finally, a second desk is in the southeast corner of the room, different from her own desk. This desk houses two large monitors. They are turned off completely. An old looking file in a purple folder sits atop this desk. She snatches it up and places it in the second of her cabinets, which seemingly houses similar folders.

She kicks you out after this.
Bodycheck Dr. Pierce, provided she consents (unlikely)
(May 7, 2021 at 2:47 AM)Nemesis Wrote: Bodycheck Dr. Pierce, provided she consents (unlikely)
She does not consent to a full check but allows you to at least look her over. She has no rifle nor anywhere to conceal it and is dressed normally
(May 6, 2021 at 3:27 AM)Among Us Wrote: [Image: Gush0e6.png]

You trek up the mountain, through the blowing winds and freezing snow. Eventually, you arrive at the Weather Station. Old and dilapidated, there's pretty much no chance this place is operation anymore, or even in the last several decades. Trying the door, you find it to be locked, but of course you already knew that. You pull out the key, and place it in the lock.

After forcing it through a thin layer of fresh ice, you turn the key and the door opens with a creak.

Looking around the small station, you spot a sleeping bag in one corner of the room, clearly used. Next to it is a pile of Tokyo newspapers, specifically the English prints. A small desk with a lamp is on the opposite side of the room. A laptop sits on top of the desk, seemingly fairly new. Definitely wasn't something forgotten here in the station whenever it was decommissioned. A rack of files is on the desk behind that, containing three files labeled as follows:


You look back over to the laptop and open it up. It appears to be password locked. Fuck if you'll be able to figure this one out, it's a whole-ass password, not some keypad code. Glancing upward, you notice a corkboard above the desk, with a series of photos, pins, and string.

[Image: TkoVqx1.png]

...You don't recognize like half the people on this thing. Some of them are familiar though, interestingly enough. You continue looking around, but don't seem to be able to find anything else of note in here besides various pieces of meteorology equipment, deflated weather balloons, and a bunch of measurement instruments.

Feeling as though you are being watched, you head back outside and down to Nadare, slightly spooked by the experience. Still, the Weather Station is unlocked now, and you can investigate as you wish going forward.

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